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Hello Warriors!

Volunteers have entered the names of more than 22,000 students and faculty into this website.  We have undoubtedly made some mistakes, left out some people, etc. 

If you do not find your name in the class list then simply follow these 6 steps:

A. See if your name is already here, click - "West Classmates" Link at the top of the Navigation Bar on the left... if your name is not there... then 

B. CLICK HERE>> "Contact Us" Button and...

Follow these steps:  

1. Enter Your West High Name + (Include your Married Name if any)

2. Enter Year Graduated 

3. Enter Your Email

5. The Site Administrator will add your information and an e-mail email will be sent notifying you your name has been added 

6.  You can then update your profile, add pictures, etc. 


WATCH the short "How to Get Started on this Website" video below. 

To see who is on the Committee click here