richard bierce

Profile Updated: May 9, 2018
Residing In: Tucson, AZ USA
Spouse/Partner: Violet Ellen
Occupation: Historical Architect-retired
Children: Jonathan, 4-01-72
Matthew, 5-09-79
Yes! Attending Reunion

Distinguished Accomplishment Award, Virginia Society of Architects, Richmond, Nov. 2017

Tell us a bit about what's happened since THS:

-B. Arch, U of A, 1967
-Married 1967
-Honeymoon and summer job in Hawaii
-MS Arch., Columbia, NYC, 1968
-Peace Corps Brasil to 1971 (Rio de Janeiro)
-Moved to Virginia in 1973 for historic
preservation projects;
- Worked at National Trust for Historic Preservation to 1990
- Private consulting firm since 1990; some rather interesting projects around the US and abroad including Brasil, Venezuela, Carribean;
- 2 grandsons, b. 2002 and 2005;
-Purchased future retirement home in Tucson 2009, we will get back there soon!
- Substantial amount of pro bono work with church, schools, scouts, professional groups;
Very much looking forward to seeing old HS friends at the 50th!

Share a favorite memory or funny moment from your THS days:

Working with the Reunion Committee in the last couple of years, brings up many memories etc. long lost to the failing brain powers;
Most important has been the reconnection with
people from all parts of my grade 5 thru 12 experiences with TUSD: friends all, that have part of my story in theirs, and I need to be reminded.

Perhaps the thing about Tucson High that resonates for me most still to this day, and which has been a strong impetus for my working to establish the scholarship fund at Pima College, is that pervasive sense of excellence in teaching and accomplishment that characterized, and even defined, THS back in the day, as well as the expectation that we would each strive for it in all that we did academically, and in all of the many extracurricular activities avaialble to us. I do not now know if they continue the V Flag tradition,
but it meant a lot to us then. Still can.

Perhaps we can assist others in THMS today to
achieve their best, as we were taught to do.

I still have a red tie- well, several. Go badgers.