Don Curry

Profile Updated: October 4, 2020
Residing In: Tucson, AZ USA
Occupation: Retired
Children: Son Courtney William June 14 1969
Son Timothy McCrainey December 03 1979
Grandson Ethan 2007 More…
Grandson Evan 2009
Military Service: Army Airborne Ranger, Delta  
Tell us a bit about what's happened since THS:

AZ Western Football, UofA Wrestling, worked City Parks and Zoo 3 years when in college, one year City of Tucson Fire Dept., Life Insurance and Real Estate. Moved to San Francisco late 60s. Worked Bart, Rugby San Francisco Rowing Club, Crewed Jib 28 ft. Catalina won its class, Wrestled Olympic Club. Moved Waikiki, HI '72. Joined Army '73 active duty enlisted. After two years went to OCS, commissioned 14 years active duty, 10 years reserve. BS Resource Mgt. Cum Laude Troy State University, MBA University of Phx. Worked as defense contractor Operational Test Manager.

Share a favorite memory or funny moment from your THS days:

Several individuals made beer our senior year in one of the persons basement. They decided that no one would get busted on the Indian reservation. The beer bottles were used, they tried to wash them out, but they tasted like soap. Athletes from Amphi, Catalina and Tucson High shook the beer up for a spray fight and the Indian police came. The only harm was the price of admission of $1.

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Stop 8 Sabino
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Ha Ha Card Photo
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St.Patrics Day 1969 POCO LOCO 6AM 1) Bob Bergen, Don Wayne Curry, Mike Greends girlfriend-wife 2) Amps, Mike Green, Bobby Cunningham
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Curry boys, Son Timothy holding grandson Ethan, X holding grandson Evan
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Ranger Reunion 2005 Major General Eladon Bargewell 40 years active duty XO Iraq, Cdr. Special Operations Euope, Delta Forces, winner DSC Distinguished Service Cross Vietnam. A honor to have worked for and with.
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Don Wayne Curry 2011