Missing Classmates

Greetings Class of '81!

We are hoping you will be able to help us track down our missing Classmates. If you know how to reach someone, click on their name and invite them to join the site. You'll simply need to enter their email address and an invitation will be sent to them. As always, it's free to join, and we'll keep everyone up to date on our coming 40th reunion and other happenings in the future!

If you don't have an email address but have other contact information, please forward it on to one of the site administrators.

Looking forward to a fantastic 40th reunion!

Kenneth Adcock
David Barker
Monica Brice
Clyde Brown
Donald Brown
Kim Brown
Howard Burd
Maria Cafiero
Randy Cale
Tammy Carter
Norma Wynn Clark
Dianne Cunningham
Laura Dennis
Ricky Downing
Lynda Edds
Lisa Edwards
Dana Evans
Melayne Felts
Ronnie Firestone
Mary Foster
Brad Frank
Colette Freeman
Lynne Fry
William Galloway
Pete Glass
Jeff Griffin
Betty Hallman
Larry Harris
Tom Hicks
Dale Holcomb
Denise Horry
Sherrell Ann Jackson
Julie Jasica
Frank Johnson
Louis Johnson
Terry Johnson
Debbie Jean Johnston
John Keel
Kim Kelly
C. D. Kirk
Tom Lam
Mark Lange
David Lebovich
Steven Lucky
Michael Martin
Eugene McIntosh
Rick McUsic
Paula Miller
Robin Moore
Leslie Morris
Bich Ha Ngo
Lisa Norton
Evit Oliver
Nadine Marie Outland
Wendell Outland
Marc Paquette
Laura Colleen Petree
Alicea Phillips
Kenton Phillpott
Stan Pool
Morris Pratt
Karen Rhymes
Mike Richardson
Steve Ann Richardson
Greg L. Rutherford
Richard Daniel Sanford
Lori Shelton
Jane Simcoe (Thompson)
Janet Simmons
Elize Slettenhaar
Tim Smith
Lori Snider
Don Sowersby
Diane Stake
Scot Stringer
Jim Tallon
Frank Thomas
Lan Anh Ton Nu
Edward Tran
Jeanne Tripplehorn
Kipp West
Isaiah White
Thomas Daniel White
Melinda Williams
Keith Wilson
Blake Woodley
Virgil Wright
Joe Yalch