Betsy's Song

Prizes and Entertainment

Grad Class 64     (with apologies to the Beatles)

When we were younger, heads full of hair
Good times at Magee
We could play at sports or maybe join a club
Studies, homework,  Ah! There’s the rub.
Plenty of talent, ideas and dreams
You could hear us roar
We were a great class, Yeah we were “cat’s ass|”
Grad Class 64

Every day at lunch there was a bunch of stuff to elevate our minds,
Make our bodies strong
Chess to basketball……
Ooo ooo and we could visit friends
Or hit the pool hall

Then we grew up with kids and careers
Life looked pretty good
We had learned our lessons well and had some fun
We were ready – ready to run
Changing the world with peace, love and “stuff”
Energy galore
This was our hour and we had the power
Grad Class 64

We got older too ….Oooo ooo That’s just a state of mind
We’re still me and you

Now we send postcards,travel the world
Mostly we’re retired
Time to play with grandchildren or strumguitar
Write a book or sing in a choir
Dig in a garden, go for a hike
Wonder what’s in store
No doom and gloomers, We’re baby boomers
Grad Class 64!

Written and performed by our very own Betsy Clarke.

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