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09/19/15 04:36 PM #1    

Stephen Wethington

Right after his family moved below Butler HS, i went over to spend day with Greg. We were looking over his Dads gun collection in the basement. Now Greg and I loved Guns.

He handed me a 12 guage. Really nice. I checked the chamber. Nope nothing there. Cocked it, nothing in magazine. Aimed at the  TV that was down there. For SOME reason i moved the gun towards one of those little glass windows.

Pulled the trigger. KA BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!]

The mag had a shell in it and when i cocked it , it moved into chamber.......Greg was laughing his arse off. Neither of us could hear a thing  LOL.

So we ran to the Hardware store, got a new piece of glass and some caulk , took out the really really small pieces of glass in the frame and outside. The we dirted up the new glass to look like the old glass.

BUT the smell of gunpowder was all over the basement. So around and around we went with air cleaner and lit i have no idea how many candels. Then i split.

Next week i asked Greg if anything happened when Dad got home? He said well he knew something was wrong but i dont think he figured it out . LOL


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