25 Year High School Tour

Vinton - Shellsburg High School

Super Custodian Extraordinaire Melvin Hurst - our tour guide

The front office

After dreaming for over 4 decades on what it would be like to be in the girl's locker room, Dean Wiest achieves his goal!

Not to be outdone, Jolene Van Eschen and Jayne (Pitz) Meacham celebrate after applying icy hot to the jock straps in the boy's locker room.

Jim Arbuckle gets in position to wrestle his beautiful one year old daughter in the new wrestling room.  You didn't hear it form me, but after distracting him with the old "Dad!  Isn't my dress pretty!" ...  she went for the single leg, threw him into a half Nelson, and had him in submission within 23 seconds.

Dean Wiest and Ron Long spot Toby Brown on the bench press.  This was after 4 - 45 pound weights had already been removed from each side for his warm-ups.

With the tour nearly over, Mr. Hurst leads the group to Detention for the following school violations:  one fire alarm pulled, 2 water balloons, 4 spit balls, 3 pencils stuck into the new ceiling panels, and one missing preseved pig from the Biology lab.