WPAGC Attire and Membership

West Point Alumni Glee Club Membership Information

Introduction:  We try to keep the cost of participation as low as possible for our members.  Cost should never be a barrier to participating with our merry band of warrior singers.  If you find you are inhibited in participating due to cost (or other reasons), please contact a Leadership Group member to see if we can resolve the constraint.

Membership:  Membership in the West Point Alumni Glee Club is limited to West Point Alumni who sang in a musical group while a cadet, Glee Club, Chapel Choir, Gospel Choir, etc.   We DO NOT audition for membership as we want to encourage participation.   We are serious about our music and our mission and want to be as good as we can be.   We only ask that you participate in rehearsals, know your lyrics and parts, commit to perform when you can and have fun.  Full Membership dues are $50 annually with access to all club benefits.  Associate Membership dues are $25 and for those who wish to perform with the Full Members on an infrequent basis.  To perform with the WPAGC (for insurance coverage reasons) the singer must be either a Full or Associate member.

Leadership Group Responsibilities:

1.  Alan Salisbury - President:  Overall leadership and policy decisions.

2.  Terry Ryan - VP/Chief Operating Officer/Producer:  Booking agent, web meister, produces/plans the performances, all else he can't get someone else to do.  tcryan@i2xllc.com

3.  Mo Faber - Treasurer:  Membership dues, financial operations, fee collections, etc.  Mo66@cox.net  Make out checks to WPAGC:  Mail address:  7664 Southern Oak Drive, Springfield, VA, 22153

4.  Jim Ferguson - Librarian/Logistics:  Maintains the music repertoire, manages logistics for sales and uniform items. jkfrgsn@aol.com 

5.  Chuck Nichols - Executive Producer/Videographer/Sound Engineer:  Directs the technical aspects of our performances. cnichols6@verizon.net

6.  Fred Gray - Associate Artistic Director/Arranger:  Directs in Nancy Riley's absence, writes and arranges some of our music, related tasks.

7.  Nancy Riley - Artistic Director:  Artistic quality for the WPAGC repertoire in performance.

Uniforms (female members have similar means to fit in with the male uniform;  see number the paragraph under Uniform Specifications and Sources): 

1.  Blazer Uniform:  This is the most often worn uniform and consists of black blazer (single breasted) with WPAGC pocket crest, VN pin on LEFT lapel (if eligible), white dress shirt, club tie, gray trousers, black shoes, belt and socks.

2.  Tuxedo Uniform:  For "black tie" performances, we wear the black standard tuxedo with WPAGC pocket crest, medals (LEFT lapel), VN pin on  RIGHT lapel (if eligible), white flat collar tuxedo shirt, black bow tie, black shoes.  Other military awards may be worn within reason, eg. Order of St Barbara, Distinguished Graduate, etc. 

3.  Casual Uniform:  Our casual uniform consists of the WPAGC white golf shirt, gray trousers, black shoes, belt and socks.  OFTEN when performing, we wear the black blazer over the golf shirt as an attempt to camouflage our age (shall we say).

4.  Business Suit Uniform:  Typically for Memorial Services, we seek to be more subdued and wear a DARK business suit, with WPAGC pocket crest, VN pin or LEFT lapel, white shirt and club tie. 

Uniform Specifications and Sources:

1.  Female Uniforms:  Our singing sisters have found creative ways to match the male uniform with skirts vice trousers, scarves vice ties, etc.   The best source for these considerations is to contact Meg Roosma/Nancy Riley, Ashleigh Weymeyer for information. 

2.  Black Blazer:  We do not provide specific sources for the black blazer as it can be an expensive item.  We simply ask that it be a single breasted design.  Buttons on the blazer are not specified as long as they are not "garish."  A comparative item for reference is JA Banks item 2147.  Equivalents to that blazer are fine.

3.  WPAGC Pocket Crest:  The pocket crest is a custom item obtained through the AOG Gift Store and is typically a three pin style crest of our logo.  We have tried magnetic attached crests with mixed results.  The WPAGC pocket crest can be purchased from Jim Ferguson (contact info below) at the club cost of $50   We are also able to loan crests to those who do not perform with us often!

4.  WPAGC Gray Trousers:  Regrettably we have had a few different sources of trousers over the years as styles and supply seems to vary.  The key aspect to our trousers is to keep the color as consistent as possible, despite the source.  The current best source is JC Penneys.  They call the colors CHARCOAL and GRAPHITE.  If ordering online or finding them in a store, you must specify the color and style IN ADDITION to the product/web ID.  Two options:

a.  JC Penney Super Trousers:

b.  JC Penney Sharkskin

5.  WPAGC Tie:  Our club tie is black, gray and gold striped.  The WPAGC tie can be purchased from Jim Ferguson (contact info below) at the club cost of $ 30  We are also able to loan ties to those who do not perform with us often!

6.  WPAGC White Golf Shirt:  Our casual white golf shirt has the WPAGC logo embroidered on it and is of good quality.  The WPAGC golf shirt can be purchased from Jim Ferguson (contact info below) at the club cost of $40   Please specifiy the size you need when ordering from Jim.