WPAGC Statement of Policy Regarding COVID-19 Precautions for Rehearsals and Performances


  1. All members are strongly urged to get vaccinated against COVID-19.
  2. The club will have temperature scanning devices available at all events (i.e., rehearsals or performances) and urges all participants to make this quick check. A fever of 100 degrees or more will disqualify the member from participating.
  3. For those who, for any reason, remain unvaccinated, the following requirements must be respected:
    1. For attendance at/participation in either a performance or a rehearsal, obtain a negative COVID test result within 3 days (72 hours) of the rehearsal or performance. Any medically approved test method is acceptable.  
    2. Mandatory temperature self-check.
    3. Appearance at the event is assumed to indicate that these requirements have been satisfied.
  4. The club will procure black singing masks for all to allow uniform appearance when needed, primarily for performances. While it is not our intention to sing in masks, there could be unforeseen circumstances at a performance venue for which we should be flexible.
  5. The club will procure and have available at all events quick (eg., 15 minutes) COVID testing kits for use as may be necessary in unforeseen circumstances.
  6. When in doubt, common sense and good faith efforts toward compliance should be applied by all.


  1. All members should wear masks to and from the rehearsal. They may be removed for the duration of the actual rehearsal.
  2. Social distancing of 4-6 ft should be observed throughout the rehearsal, including in the spacing of the chairs.


  1. All members should wear masks to and from the performance. They may be removed for the duration of the warmup and performance.
  2. The club will make every effort to allow performers to socially distance on the stage/risers/platform by at least 3 ft from one another.
  3. Conditions imposed by the venue must be observed. If more stringent than our own, the venue restrictions take precedence.