WPAGC Social Event

Folks, we have quite a few members who have emigrated to areas south of our AO.  We miss them all.

We are also swinging back into performing again as summer gets off to a warm start.

***  To thank those who have left our ranks AND to kick off getting back to singing together, we have set up a SOCIAL EVENT to enjoy each other's company.

When:  Sunday, June 13, 2021

Time:  1700 until ???

Where:  Arlington Knight's of Columbus Main Ballroom

Uniform:  CASUAL


The Knights would like to insure there is enough food on hand and to shorten serving times by ordering ahead.   FOR THOSE ATTENDING, please fill in the quetion about the menu.

MENU:  Wings ($12), Steak and Cheese ($12), Burgers ($11), Tenders ($10), all are served with fries.

**** FOR THE LADIES, Steve will be present and is anxious to see  you all.


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1)   Our availability to attend the WPAGC SOCIAL EVENT is as follows:

2)   Our food selections are as follows:

  One wing dinner
  Two wing dinners
  One steak and cheese dinner
  Two steak and cheese dinners
  One burger dinner
  Two burger dinners
  One chicken tenders dinner
  Two chicken tender dinners