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In Memory

Linda Wilbanks (Dillard)

Linda Wilbanks (Dillard)

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From Jackie Byrd Watson:

Linda Wilbanks Dillard was Patsy Graham Dillard's sister-in-law at the time of her death. Patsy could give more information due to being kin at the time.

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11/08/10 05:07 PM #1    

Bob McGregor

I just remember Linda was a lot of fun. I am so sorry to learn of her passing.

11/20/10 01:07 AM #2    

Jackie Byrd (Watson)

I remember Linda for always being such a sweet and caring young lady.  While we were in high school, she invited me to the Methodist Home to one of their dances . We had a blast!  When I first became friends with Linda I was so sad to learn she was living at the Methodist home.  I couldn't understand why for long time.  I grew up with a mother and daddy.  I had many friends from both the State home and the Methodist home.  I would beg my parents to adopt several of my friends.  I am sure they would have if they could have.  When I learned Linda died I was shocked.  I believed she was sick with flu like illness and couldn't get over it, then her kidneys failed.  What a young life cut so short.  I am blessed to have known her as a friend. 

12/15/10 04:58 PM #3    

Glen Raines

Linda and I had an art class together and she always had a smile on her face. Never heard her say a bad word about anyone. I remember her once telling me of a broken bone she had that never healed. She told me that when I looked at her, that the very bone was right there in front of me. I looked so puzzled that she showed me the collar bone that was broken and never mended. She was liked by all that knew her. I'm so very sorry to hear of her passing.

01/17/11 02:44 PM #4    

Patsy Graham (Dillard)

Linda and I became really good friends when we were dating the Dillard twins from Richfield. I remember her transferring to Waco High from Richfield in 1970 or 1971. Jackie she invited me also to stay with her at the Methodist home and we stayed up all night playing prank phone calls. She lit up a room when she entered it. She was full of life and enjoyed playing jokes on those who knew her. As sister-in-laws we were always competing with one another. She would always say that she married the good looking twin and of course I would tell her no way that I did and that she was jealous. She is the one who introduced me to Steve on Oct. 5, 1971 at the Heart of Texas Fair and Rodeo.
I could really write a book on our lives together as sister-in-laws. She has 2 children, Jennifer born 8/27/72 and Brian born 10/24/78. We were both pregnant together her with Brian and me with Leslie (born 1/4/79). When they were in elementary school we would sit and talk about them growing up together and one day they would double date. Sure enough my daughter Leslie, introduced Brian to Bri who is Leslie's best friend from High School and is now his wife. They do a lot together even today and they remind me of the good ole days when us four ran around together. Her dream came true and I am sure she has been with both Jennifer and Brian in spirit all of these years. She passed away after a lengthy illness and finally kidney failure on August 14,
I have wonderful memories of Linda and have missed her so much over the years. One of those memories is that she loved talking about her days at Waco High School. You may have the opportunity to meet Jennifer and Brian her children. I will be asking them to attend the reunion on Saturday for the memorial.

01/20/11 01:26 AM #5    

James Weaver ('71 Richfield)

 Linda was one of my very best friends in Junior High...  She was the sweetest and I always loved her and over the years asked about her...  It was so sad to hear of her passing.. I hope to see her in heaven some day...  I think she was very special.

01/21/11 09:12 AM #6    

Deno Brown (Morrow) ('71)

I knew Linda at the Methodist Home. She was always sweet to me. I never forgot her. She was one of  the people who I wanted to find. I was sas to hear of her passing but she  will be in Heaven I am sure when I get there. It was at times hard growing up at the Methodist home but people like Linda made it basreable. She always smilled and never said anything bad about anyone. I miss you Linda.

01/25/11 08:39 AM #7    

Lisa Allen (Duncan)

What I remember most about Linda was that she could light up a room.  She was witty and had a sense of humor that was contagious.  I lived two blocks down the street from the Methodist Home at 1207 Frost St. and we would walk home from West Jr. together with a boy named Ray Ellwood who also lived in the Methodist Home and who was my "first love" although he didn't know it. She taught me how to dance the "Swim" and the "Twist" and if I recall correctly the "Funky Chicken."  She was so much fun.

02/16/11 01:03 PM #8    

Prissy Slough (Brawner)

Linda was a great friend and lots of fun! One of many fun memories was of the Slumber party that she & Rosi Moore held at the Methodist Home. I always thought that the house that they lived in was so pretty. Over the years, whenever Moma got the Methodist Home newsletter - The Sunshine - she would always mail it to me whenever Linda was mentioned. Also, in High School I remember going on the bus with her downtown. She was going to visit her mom at the store where she worked and I was headed to my part-time job. She always seemed to have a great relationship with her mom even though she didn't get to live with her.

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