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In Memory

Michael Dwight Russell

Michael Dwight Russell

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From Noreen Powell:

If memory serves me right, Mike died about 5 yrs ago. Not sure where he is buried or anything. I just remember reading an obituary about him in the local paper.

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04/01/13 07:52 PM #2    

Edith Alexander (Lancaster)

Well. I can see tha nasty side is comming out in me again.

I met Mike when I started 9th grade at North Jr.. did none of you know him? Did none of you like him? Did any of you even care ? What is the deal here???  I have to wonder why exactly no one else has anything to say about him, whether it be good, bad or even hateful.. He is not here to read it so let it fly..  Tell what you remember about Mike like you have everyone else that has died..  I hope I am being a little hateful here because Mike did NOT deserve to be forgotten like all of you seem to have done, whether he was a live or dead..  So how about it people, classmates , friends, enemy.. what ever you were to Mike , he deserves more then just my memory..  And the way it is turning out... none of YOU deserved  the friendship that Mike had to offer, none of you..  I am greatful that God  allowed us to be friends, that He allowed our paths to cross and that we had each other all the way to graduation day..

04/02/13 11:13 PM #3    

Chuck Olsen

At my age I have a problem remembering who I am. As for Michael, I do remember him as a nice guy. We got along well because we were somewhat 'outside the box'. We were not jocks, we were not overly popular. Maybe that's why we got along with each other. I did not know Michael before high school, so I can't say what he was like before then.

06/18/13 01:48 PM #4    

Shirley Robinson White

Well Edith,this is your cousin Shirley, and I remember Mike very well. I just opened the Waco High website and found out the Mike had passed away. Geez, how time flies! It seems like only yesterday that Mike was my friend,running buddy and always there with a smile and kind word. Those last few years in high school were very hard for me with my family breaking apart and my dad giving me black eyes and busted lips almost every week. Mike was always there with a kind word and a shoulder to cry on if thats what was needed. Mike and I even went dancing on the weekends to escape the drama that was happening all around us. But like everyone else ,we began to loss touch and I remember seeing him several times at Lake Air Mall and at the bank where he worked. He seemed happy those times that I saw him but it would be only a brief conversation and a hug goodbye. I had no idea that he had passed away, I would have been at his funeral and sent flowers. Life passes by so fast, I can't believe I just turned 60 yesterday,it seems like only yesterday we were in Waco High! Those were the days ,my friends

06/18/13 02:43 PM #5    

Nora Trantham (Leftwich)

I remember Mike. He was such a great guy & very nice. I didn't know Mike until I met him at Waco High. It seems like he always had a smile on his face. May God bless his family.

Nora Trantham Mullen

06/18/13 07:03 PM #6    

Edith Alexander (Lancaster)

 I am so glad at least 3 more people remembered Mike.. He can walk farther in the flowers knowing that 3 more people cared about him even if it was for just a little while.. He knows..

06/19/13 12:22 AM #7    

Randy Searcy

Sorry Edith but I don't remember Michael but I do appreciate learning about him by reading what y'all are posting. My loss that I never met him. Looking at his picture he looks like he was a very nice guy. Thanks for sharing what you knew and thank all of you that posted about him. I went to West Jr but I do remember seeing him at Waco High. I can see that you really liked him so he must've been really a great person. God bless you and comfort you in the loss of your friend.

06/19/13 03:38 AM #8    

Helen Hendricks (White)

I know I should have posted something long before now but I guess part of the reason I hadn't was just wanting to hold my memories of him all to myself for a while longer. Mike lived with his grandmother and his aunt and they all attended First Lutheran Church here in Waco which was where I also went to church. Mike was always so funny and I remember how his eyes would twinkle when he laughed and when he was up to some mischief. I also learned how good he was with kids the two summers our church youth group took underprivileged kids to Six Flags. You'd have thought he was one of those little kids too the way he was with them. I miss the talks he and I used to have when we were still in school and all the amazingly deep thoughts that he'd share with me. Most of all though I remember the times when I'd be upset and he'd take my hand and tell me not to waste any tears on something I couldn't change, improve or control. I wish he was still here 'cause there are times I still need to hear that advise from that very wonderful guy........

06/19/13 11:11 AM #9    

Edith Alexander (Lancaster)

Hay dearest Mike... this keep up and you will be walking in a whole field of flowers...

Shirley, yes we are blessed in knowing him, all of us who are now speaking of him and his heart, for he had a big one and was not afraid to share it.

Helen, thank you for sharing all of that with us, and yes to the wide shoulders, he would share himself to help us.

It is ok if  you did not know Mike, he was a wonderful person inside as well as out.. You can get to know him by reading our memories..

08/12/13 09:50 AM #10    

Noreen Retzer (Powell)

I met Mike in high school. He and I shared many classes and he sat close by me in those classes where the teacher would seat us alphabetically. When we had economics together he sat behind me and we would talk and help each other get through the class. The one class we both enjoyed together was, of course, our time in Golden Voices. He was there our senior year when I got so sick during UIL contest. I tried my best to play the instruments and sing, and all the while I was running a fever and my throat was getting worse. I think I even tried to pass out. Mike was there to help me in anyway he could. I don't think I ever met a more caring individual than Mike. I knew things about him that most did not and I never judged him. He worked with a college classmate of mine and I got to talk to him a few times as an adult and then he moved away. When I saw the obituary, I was stunned. I didn't want it to be true,but when they mentioned his mother's name and his Aunt Marva's name as having predeceased him, I knew it was him. I said a prayer for him, and I still do. He was one in a million and I am glad I could call him my friend.

08/12/13 09:24 PM #11    

Edith Alexander (Lancaster)

Yes Noreen, Mike shared  deep things with those of us he loved dearly, right Shirley? Mike had some deep areas in his life,  but he never let them stand in the way of supporting those he cared for and he cared deeply.. I don't keep up with those I went to school with very much after I moved away from Waco, so I was sad that the good Lord called Mike home, he was needed else where I guess ..

I am glad that the memories are starting to flow from Mike's other class mates and I do welcome others who wish to share their memories of Mike.. Like I said earlier, Mike was a good egg.. He has earned his place in the here after with honors..

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