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In Memory

Carol Stewart

Carol Stewart

Carol passed away January 25, 2005.

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From Carol's brother Gerald (class of '72):

Carol’s love for birds and animals was evidenced in her years of work at the Central Texas Zoo and the care that she gave to countless strays and other pets she adopted.
She was a talented artist, with the paper Mache Mermaid used in the ‘71’ Prom being one of her earliest and proudest creations.
She created a tapestry of beautiful art on pieces of furniture that are now daily reminders to her family of that talent.
That ability was also obvious in her love of scrapbooking.
In Carol’s upbeat times, she could also be a very funny person to be around.

Carol suffered mental struggles in the last years of her life which she did not seek help for, even when offered and encouraged by family and friends. Reading her diaries after her death, we came to understand she struggled with thoughts of suicide as far back as high school. Without an official diagnosis, we have wondered if she suffered from a Bi Polar condition.

Her Daughter London has followed her in death and her son Aaron, a talented musician, is in Chicago. Our family wants to acknowledge and thank those who tried to befriend her, but most appreciatively, those who throughout her life treated her with unconditional friendship.

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11/08/10 05:05 PM #1    

Bob McGregor

I'll always recall her love of animals. She had a kind heart. I think she worked at the zoo or humane society. Her mom and dad ran Johnny Stewart Wildlife Game Calls, and Brenda's mom worked for them and always spoke lovingly of Carol. I lost track of Carol after HS and hope she had a good life.

12/02/10 05:30 PM #2    

Prissy Slough (Brawner)

Most of my memories of Carol involve church as we both attended Trinity United Methodist Church. She was a kind and fun person with wonderful parents. We went on several "trick or treat for UNICEF" nights together and rode together to at least one "Progressive dinner" evening. I'm sure that she is sorely missed by her loved ones.


01/25/11 08:08 AM #3    

Lisa Allen (Duncan)

Was sorry to hear of those that had passed; especially Carol Stewart. We were good friends in school and she was the only Waco Hi classmate that I stayed in contact with. Ran around together for years when our kids were little. I didn't get to graduate with our 71 class because we moved to Riesel my senior year but my fondest memories are of Brook Ave, West Jr. and Waco Hi.

Carol and I were so close that we seemed almost like sisters.  Our kids were about the same age and we ran around together most of their childhood (from 76-90).  I lost contact with her in later years but I will always cherish the times and the memories I had with her.  She was my best friend.

03/02/11 01:25 AM #4    

Jackie Byrd (Watson)

In Memory of Carol,

As I remember Carol,  I remember a kind and caring person.  She was always friendly and smiling.  I am saddened to hear she suffered for many years with unknown illness   Carol was cared about more than she realized.  It hurts to know she suffered for so long and maybe one of us could have helped.  We got so caught up in our small groups, friends we lived near, rode to school with, attended church with.  For this I am truly sorry, I did not know she was hurting back in school.  I would have wanted to love her and helped her thru her pain.  

I never knew Carol was the person that created the paper mache mermaid featured at our high school prom.

She should have been proud of her work, it was awesome.

I thought that was the greatest mermaid I ever saw.

I often wondered who was responsible for the wonderful prom theme and decor at our senior prom.

My only prom picture I have is in front of the mermaid with my date for the evening Johnny Stephens.

I have added this picture here in honor of Carol .

Gerald,  I know you miss your sister and I thank you for sharing with us about Carol.

Jackie Byrd Watson


05/05/11 08:41 AM #5    

Gerald Stewart ('72)

Thanks Jackie, our family will cherish that picture. Funny how memory gets so muddled,I remembered that the Mermaid was to be covered with the fish net because someone thought it being bare breasted was unaccepable. I remember how much that bothered Carol. Evidently that decision was changed by Prom time. Thanks again.

05/07/11 07:05 PM #6    

Sharon Green (Collins)

Gerald, so sorry to hear about Carol. I remember having her in a few classes, and was so sweet and friendly. I remember her working at the zoo, for she worked with my youngest sister Doris. She thought the world of her. Remember her saying how much she loved working with her. I know she will dearly be missed.

07/27/17 03:57 PM #7    

Lorilee Friedli (Kolb)

She was my friend even after high school. We reconnected after London was born, and Carol even spent some nights with me when my baby Joshua was sick. Some did not understand her, but she confided in me about problems she had. Knowing how low she was at times, I visited her and London as often as I could. She spoke so often of her love of animals, a love we both shared. Carol felt let down by those who didn't see what she was going through and chastised her. During her moves we lost track of each other.  Carol was a free and tortured spirit, one of God's creatures, and as sweet and caring as the animals she loved. I wish we had remained in touch.




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