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In Memory

Kerry Urban ('71 Richfield)

Kerry Urban ('71 Richfield)

Kerry made a big impact on a lot of us at North Junior High School. She lived just a few blocks from Richfield and so attended there, but she was always close to us in spirit.

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From Thom Clark:

Kerry and I had only seen each other a hand full of times after high school.  But, her Mother kept me up to date with with what was going on in her life. Kerry had called my home once when she was in Oklahoma for a family reunion.  I wasn't home, but she ended up talking with my wife, Mary, for a couple of hours.  Sort of like they were long lost friends.  And I never got to talk with her. (Hey!  What's the deal, here?) Guess I married someone who shared much the same temperment as Kerry.  

When Kerry became a grandmother, we began exchanging 'Playfully Insulting' birthday cards that referred to our 'advancing ages'. We called each other on our birthdays for a couple of years before she passed away.  
I learned of Kerry's condition during one of my regular phone calls to Kerry's Mom.  I immediately called Kerry and asked, before thinking about it, if I could come to visit her.  She said an enthusiastic 'YES'.  Oh-Oh.  Just started a new job and only have a couple of days leave accumulated.  Just sent one son (and a significant amount of cash) to college.
'Can I really make the trip to Houston?', I mused to my wife.
'So, what's stopping you?' was her reply.  Mary cashed in her credit card miles to send me to Houston for a long weekend at Kerry's.  
Kerry's ex-husband, Jim, was caring for her. Love him or not, I admired what he did for her.  (and by the way, I really liked Jim) Kerry laughed until she hurt when visitors asked, 'Who are those guys?'  To which she would answer, 'That one is my ex-husband and that one is my ex-boyfriend'.  
We spent the better part of 2 days reminiscing about our friendship.
A large amount of the conversation was about the 'good old days' at North Junior.She talked about double dates that we had with friends, going bowling, pizza parties, football games, basketball games, summers at the baseball park, and people that she loved.
It is surprising how many people from North Junior whose names that she mentioned.  I only wish I had taken notes.  
If there is any moral to the story:  You never know how many people you touch deeply during your life.  And, you never know how much comfort you have provided for those trying times that your friends may face.

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04/01/11 10:53 AM #1    

Mary Spurgeon (Lancaster)

Kerry was one of the most beautiful people I have ever known; she was beautiful inside and out. 

08/16/20 06:22 PM #2    

James Weaver ('71 Richfield)

I miss Thom and Kerry so so much.  Two amazing people.  Gone way too young.  Blessings to all my former classmates at Waco High and Richfield.  Be safe and keep faith.  God be with you each one.  

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