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Daphne Venable (Northan)

Just a comment; so my second born, 35-year-old son actually befriended two brothers (and their wives) over a year ago and it came up during their time of getting to know each other it came up in conversation with the two brothers that their mother attended Tech. So, my son told them, so did his mom! So, my son asked me if I knew his friends' mother (by her maiden name). I admitted I did't recall her (which I thought was a little strange because we, the class of 77, all at least know of one another).

So, I went back a year in my yearbook and saw her picture in the "76" class and sent the picture to my son. I told him, after seeing her picture, I did remember seeing her, but she wasn't in my class.  My son sent  the picture (I'd taken from my year book) to his friends to let them know his mom recognized their mom :-) 

I finally had the chance to meet my son's friends at my son's farewell gathering at a local restaurant. The young men brought up their old conversation about their moms both graduating from Tech and they were showing both her year book picture and mine on their respective cell phones and passed the pictures around for everyone at the event to see. I didn't even know my son had taken my yearbook picture too and sent it to his friends. I wish I had the opportunity to meet the brothers' mom, but she lives out-of-state. Never-the-less, her loved ones, including her beautiful daughters-in-law, spoke highly of her and look forward to her visits. 

I thought it was really funny when the old class of 77 yearbook pictures (of us now 60-something-year-old moms and grandmom)s were being passed around by our adult sons; but it also further proves how small this big and crowded world is, e.g., when adult children of the class of 77 Techites unknowingly build friendships and show (with much laughter) our high school photos :-) I love it! Our sons are now really close friends!

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