WAMS By-Laws

Revised By-Laws




Updated 26 February 2010




Table of Contents


            I.          General Membership Rules and Regulations

            II.        Officer Duties

            III.       Flying Field Rules and Regulations




I. General Membership Rules and Regulations


1.         Members of the Weatherford Aero Modeling Society (WAMS) must be current

            members of the Academy of  Model Aeronautics (AMA).


2.         Membership will be effective immediately upon receipt of annual dues and proof

            of membership in the AMA.  Proof of AMA membership may be a photostatic

            copy of the AMA card, or the President, Vice President, or Secretary may sign the

“Sighted By” block on the membership application.  Membership period will be

from January 1st through December 31st of each year. Those not renewing their

membership by March 1st, will be dropped from the membership rolls.


3.         Club Meetings:


        A.  Club meetings will be held monthly, normally on the first Tuesday of each month, or

            as determined by the Membership.  Club meetings will be official if thirty (30)

            percent of the membership is present.  Corporate or Business Members are excluded

            from the count in determining the thirty (30) percent attendance. Rule changes,

            financial matters and other significant events must be approved by a majority of the

            members. Only current active members may vote on matters affecting the club.


        B.  Club meetings will be conducted using an informal Parliamentary Procedure.


        C.  An Executive Committee consisting of all elected officers, the newsletter editor, and

            up to two At-Large Members appointed by the President should meet monthly at

            their convenience, but preferably two weeks before the regular membership meeting.

            The purpose of this Executive Committee will include but not be limited to

            developing the general meeting agenda, addressing any concerns raised by the

            membership, long term planning, and other subjects deemed necessary for the benefit

            of the club.  As noted in Section 3A above, any major changes or expenditures

            recommended by the Executive Committee must be approved by majority vote of the

            membership at the General Meeting.


4.         Membership Categories and Dues.


        A.  Individual membership dues will be thirty-five dollars ($35.00) per calendar year.


        B.  Family memberships are available for forty-five dollars ($45.00) per calendar year.

            Membership cards will be issued to each family member who is also an AMA



        C.  Junior memberships are available for youth who have not reached their nineteenth

            (19) birthday.  The fee for an individual Junior Membership is five dollars ($5.00).


        D.  A Senior Membership is available for those who have attained the age of sixty-five

(65) years.  The Fee for an individual Senior Membership is ten dollars (10.00).  A

Senior Family Membership is fifteen dollars ($15.00).


        E.  Persons wishing to join WAMS after September 1st, will have their dues prorated as


                        September 1 through 30; twelve dollars ($12.00)

                        October 1 through 31; nine dollars ($9.00)

                        November 1 through 30; six dollars ($6.00)

                        December 1 through 31; three dollars ($3.00)


5.         Any change to the club By-Laws must be submitted to the membership at a regular

            meeting and approved at a subsequent meeting.  The proposed changes must be

            published in the WAMS Newsletter prior to a vote being taken.  This rule may be

            waived if two-thirds of the club’s membership is present to vote.


6.         Club Officers will be elected at the December meeting each year.  The new officers will

            assume their duties effective January first of the new year, and term of office will be for

            one calendar year. Each elected officer must be a member of both AMA and WAMS at

            the time they assume their office on January first.


7.         New Club Officers will be nominated by a Nominating Committee, or by petition.  The

            petition must be in writing, signed by at least five (5) active members and be filed with

            the Secretary at least fifteen days before the date of election. The Nominating Committee

            will consist of at least three members appointed by the club President and approved by

            the members.  This committee will be formed each year before July 15th and the

            committee will prepare a slate of candidates to be presented to the members at the

            November meeting of the current year.  If the Nominating Committee is unable to

            provide a candidate for an office, the President will accept nominations from the

            members present.  Only members who have expressed their willingness and ability to

            serve may be nominated.


8.         Should a club officer become unable to perform the duties of their position, they must immediately notify the President or Vice President.  At the next club meeting a replacement will be elected or appointed.


9.         No officer or member may make any contractual obligation in the name of WAMS

            without approval of the membership.


10.       Any person collecting monies for any activity of WAMS is obligated and must be

            prepared to make full disclosure to the membership and to the Club Treasurer.


11.       In the event that the Weatherford Aero Modeling Society should be formally

            disbanded, any balance remaining in the club treasury account shall be transferred

            by the club treasurer to the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) for use in their

            programs as their officers see fit.


II   Officer Duties


1.         President:  Will preside at all monthly meetings and appoint members to committees as

            required to serve the needs of the club.  With membership approval, will conduct negotiations and enter into contracts on behalf of the club.  May act as co-signer on club checks.


2.         Vice President:  Will preside at monthly meetings in the president's absence.  Will

            assume the duties of President in the event the current President is unable to continue in office. Can also act as co-signer on club checks.  Will be responsible for inspection and maintenance of all WAMS equipment, property, and real estate.  A current inventory of all WAMS property will be maintained.  Needed repairs and maintenance will be reported.


3.         Secretary/Treasurer:  May be a combined office unless club size is too large to be

            efficiently handled by one member.


Secretary:  Duties will include recording the minutes of club meetings and maintaining

them as a permanent record of club activity.  Maintaining records of club membership,

issuing membership cards, and handling routine club correspondence.  Maintain all

administrative forms, records, and associated property necessary for performance of the

Secretarial Duties.  At each meeting, he/she will give a verbal or written account of the

minutes of the last meeting.


Treasurer:  Duties will include keeping records of all monies received or paid out of

the club treasury.  All out-going funds will be by check, which will be signed by both the

Treasurer and the Club President or Vice-President.  At each meeting, he/she will give a

verbal or written account of all club financial activities since the last club meeting, to

include a treasury report.


4.         Field Safety Officer:  Will enforce all safety rules prescribed by these By-Laws and any

            others deemed necessary for safe operation at the club field.  He/she will also have the

            power to eject from the club flying field any member violating the club safety rules.

            The Safety Officer will also maintain frequency control measures at the field during any

            club flying session, official or unofficial.


5.         Upon expiration of their term of office, the outgoing officer will surrender to his/her

            successor all records, reports, communications, documents, monies, and other club

            property.  This may be immediate or at a time and place convenient for both parties.


III. Flying Field Rules and Regulations


1.         All AMA Safety Rules will apply, including the requirements to have an effective

            muffler system on all engines larger than 0.10 C.I.D.


2.         Additional safety rules may be implemented as required by circumstances.


3.         All club flying sites will be set up to conform to the following minimum requirements:


            A.  The pilot flight positions will be at least five (5) feet from the pit side of the

            flight runway.

            B.  The aircraft pitting area will be at least twenty (20) feet from the pit side of

            the flight runway.

C.  A five (5) foot safety zone will be established behind the aircraft pitting area.

D.  A small fence or designating device will be placed at the rear of the five (5)

    foot safety zone.

E.  A ten (10) foot clear walkway will be established to the rear of the ten (10)

    foot safety zone.

F.  A covered area to include seating will be established to the rear of the (10)

    foot clear walkway.


4.         Each pilot is responsible for his/her staging area.  The Safety Officer may amend this

            rule as required by special circumstances.