Reginald (Reg or Reggie) Armstrong

Profile Updated: May 7, 2021
Reginald (Reg or Reggie) Armstrong
Residing In: Yorktown, VA USA
Spouse/Partner: Marti
Occupation: US Government, Department of the Army
Children: Jonathan
Military Service: Army  
Yes! Attending Reunion

Retired from the Army in 2014 after 28 years. I now work for the Department of the Army as a civilian analyst. Marti and I have been together for about 2 years. I have 5 amazing kids....all grown and living their own lives. After High School I went to Georgia Military College. So far I have lived in Germany, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Kentucky, Georgia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Korea, and other places. I settled down in Virginia and love living near the beach. Feel free to contact me, the best way is by email. Any e who would like to visit the area you’re always welcome. We have plenty of room for guests! Reg

School Story:

Not much to say about high school, it was eventful, but I probably wouldnt want to do it again. I was the ROTC geek, spending 4 years in it. I had some great friends back then, David Bland, Christian McCraw, and Trey Whetstone. David Bland and I were best of friends back then. We probably had the two worst looking mustaches in the history of man kind. Looking back there are a lot of people I wish I had been nicer to. I also wish I wasnt such an ASS. I think, wow, what a goof ball I was. There are a lot of people I wish I had known better. I had such a crush on several girls, just wish I had the guts enough to tell them. Its weird, I remember High School was such a great time in my life...but I cant remember a whole lot of it... and I wasnt even a stoner. I am still stuck in the '80s...its true. I listen to the '80 station on the radio, love all the movies from the '80s, my favorite band is an 80s cover band and I even own a car exactly like the crappy one I had in High School, but now they call it a Classic. You cant go back though...but it’s fun trying.