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that’s messed up, len, as i don’t recall telling u that. but u remain my “bro”. ha!
anyway, many fond memories of AHS. notables...1st my pine ridge crew (drinkard, the Lisas, yolanda, rodney, rankin, renee, jay, sturkie, bbrown, brett, corky, kkey, charles feree, pete-who i now play tennis with- etc.)...our very 1st week, leslie wray being such a sweetheart with me, ...ms. rouse’s class, sitting with tami campbell, linda wilson, michelle huckabee and greg rhodes, it was the fulmer follies- cracked me UP... basketball tryouts w/ this “too cool for his shorts” dude who could actually shoot and it turned out to be Len. ha!...prom nite dancing w/ linda and michelle & others...partying w/ lisa laird and ellie at the dixiana community center...bus breaking down on basketball road trip and we have to PUSH IT. ha!...“senior” pool party at rhodes’...my basketball “secret pal” hooked me up and was the BOMB!! (who WAS that?)...nan teaching me and karl how to backflip at trackmeet in the pole vault pit. scott cloer “rocking” my car out of the mud at kathy kinard’s party...melissa witt and linda in boots and jeans—mmmph! monday morn “show” with the fellas on the 500 hall... homeroom w/ missy jump and forever bud kevin key...ms. parks class with lisas davis/melton, angela rankin, and linda & rodney wilson: whooo, what a class - maaan ms park pissed us off with the “term paper” fiasco. ha!...sharing birthdays with my pine ridge chum joey drinkard...clubbing w/ the USC hotties at the “Lime Light” and the Russell House frat/soror parties with “road dawg” Renaldo when we turned 18-...and there’s more from ’84...

Posted: Dec 17, 2013 at 12:01 AM