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•   Jim Gravette  3/28
•   Richard Wohlberg  3/30
•   Dan Gamble  4/4
•   Karen Phillipson (Lyons)  4/5
•   Bob Ward  4/7
•   Priscilla Canon (Clark)  4/10
•   Carol Hicks (Brower)  4/12
•   Chris Sandell  4/13
•   Jodi Isaac (Hale)  4/14
•   Pauline Buffa (Fields)  4/15
•   Allison Danziger (Johnson)  4/16
•   Marianne Mack (Turk)  4/17
•   Linda Grasty (Moke)  4/21
•   Wallace Lindsay  4/23
•   Mikki McKinley (Weissinger)  4/23

Edgewood High School
Class of 1965

We were well represented at the Edgewood High School all class picnic.

Our class of 1965 presented to the alumni committee $560 to be used for scholarships.  The money is the balance in our account from all our activities going back to our 50th reunion in 2015.  

If you missed it, plan to make it next year.  Watch for more information as the tine comes closer.  Meanwhile, block out the third Saturday in July of 2023 so you don't accidentally book your summer cruise that week.

Continue to check our website for the latest updates of the picnic and other important class news.