Awards & Messages

20-Year Reunion Awards - 10/4/08


Ain't No Mountain High Enough/Ain't No River Wide Enough (for the person who traveled the farthest) - Mary Banaszak (~2400 miles from Alaska)


Honeymoon Award (the couple most recently married) - Jason & Rebecca Check (June 13, 2008)

Marathon Award (longest married couple) - Dan & Sandy Sudd (16 years)

Honorary Marathon Award - Goes to Tammy Meyer, who also attended reunion, but she attended without her husband and didn't nominate herself!  She was under the radar during the event - until after all awards were announced, but deserves recognition for 18 years of marriage! 

Westmont Heritage (most children attending WHS) - Chris Bumblauskas (one at WHS, but also one at WJHS and one at Manning)


10-Year Reunion Awards - 10/3/98

Longest Married Guy - Dan Sudd (6 yrs)

Longest Married Girl - Tammy Meyer (5/5/90)

Most Recent Bride - Adriana Rodek (9/19/98)

Most Recent Groom - Tom Lilleberg (6/7/97)

Newest Mom - Jenny Mayer (4.5 months)

Newest Dad - not awarded

Farthest Distance Traveled to Reunion - Michael Burn (Seattle, WA 1901 miles)

Shortest Distance Traveled to Reunion - Bill Anderson (1/2 mile)

Most Kids - Jenny Mayer (3 kids - Andy 8, Dylan 20 months, Nico 4.5 months)

Lived in Most Cities Since '88 - Suzi Greicar (9 cities)

Most Pregnant - Dwayne & Rebecca Marsteller (10/27/08)

Lives Closest to WHS - Mark Roe

Funniest Message to Classmates - ?? can't verify if this was awarded

Most Interesting WHS Memory - Tracy Prescott (Homecoming Sr. year-Getting my coat closed in the car door and being dragged in the Harvey’s parking lot. I was rushed to the hospital but still showed up at the dance.) 


Class of 1988 Senior Messages 

MISTY - Hey chick, it has been a real blast going out to lunch wtih you, and your "grandma's" car. Have fun with everything and keep in touch. AUDREY 

DAVE B. - Washed any cars lately? ME 

PAT & JASON - It's been great getting to be better friends with you guys.  Remember "Oh, Termina", keep in touch.  LOVE DONNA 

SUZI, LAURA, MICHELLE, DONNA, AUDREY, ADRI, CATHY, IRENE, ROBIN, ALISON, TANYA, CHRIS, DANIELLE, MISSY, DENISE, AND VIV - I just wanted to thank all of you guys for all of the memories and crazy times we had together.  Thanks for the times when I needed you!  Good Luck, RACHAEL 

BOB HEIDEN AND ROB ASHCRAFT - Next time someone asks you if you know how to put in a car (truck) stereo, PLEASE don't lie.  Thanks anyway.  GOOGIE

p.s. Sorry about what happened going to Arby's. 

JILL - I can't say that high school has been boring since I've known you. Even though you have your down days.  When you are feeling down just remember my sour-puss face. Keep in touch. Luv, MISSY

p.s. "Baby, Baby, I get down on my knees for you!" 

TANYA AND DAWNA - Hey guys, this year has been a blast! Let's have another great summer!  And thanks for always being there.  Luv, ALISON

JILL - Good luck wtih everything you do and always keep theh memores of Driver's Ed.  AUDREY 

VERN'S WIFE - If you ever want to start a fire, use a bundle of twigs and if the fire gets hot, squirt whip cream on it.  LUV, VERN'S WIFE 

VERN'S WIFE - Just remember this: If youever get lonely, go to Dorktown (Bakers) and see our friend, or you can go to McDonald's for a Cheeseburger.  While you  are driving, don't forget to apply the brakes in stop-n-go traffic.  While you are in traffic, look for HW5034 and MP430.  If you ever get thirsty, call me and we will drive a golf cart.  And lastly, if your T.V. ever breaks, you can use mine. LOVE, VERN'S WIFE. 

ANTHONY - You are the sweetest guy! Good luck with Wendy.  I'll miss you! Love always KAREN W 


MIKE, BOB, BILL - Guns and Roses  Mosh it up!  MIKE 

DONNA - Well, we are going to be lowly freshman next year.  I'm glad youdecided to go to Knox so we can "study" together!  Hopefully we won't be "riding the pine" too much, since there will be a J.V. team.  See ya, JILL 

JO - Have you picked up any California Dudes at Dorktown?  Fred and Guido live on.  ME 

KNUCKLEHEAD - thakns for coming over during the summer.  Too bad someone is so jealous we could have been great friends!  Keep in touch. 

p.s. How is your T.V.?

KATHI - I wish you the best of luck with everything in the future.  Keep parking in handicapped areas. AUDREY 

BRIAN - First, thanks for all of your help in Deutsch, I couldn't have made it without you.  Second, thanks for being such a great friend.  Third, we'll have a blast in Germany.  Luv, MISSY 

MISTY - I'll have to stuff Bernie in the closet more often so we can go out. Teh one thing I'll miss most is our creative fights.  KATHI 

AUDREY - I'll miss our morning trio.  (It's the only thing that kept me awake in Chemistry.)  KATHI 

RACHAEL - Germany was a blast! Hope to see you next year! Keep in touch, MISSY 

BILL "WATSON" BAKER, AND PRESIDENT STOFFA -  Good luck in your quests for money, success, power, happiness, tax shelters an dfleets of Ferrari's.  LORD MIKE 

KATHI - Thanks for being such a big pain.  Keep in touch and remember how comfortable the bathtub really is. MISTY 

JO - Thanks for locking the keys in my truck.  Do whatever you ahve to do to keep someone away from Danny.  GOOGIE

p.s.  Where is my purse? 

DAWNA - Hey bud, we've been through so much over the years.  i don't know how I would have made it without ya!  I could write about the scams, but we both know it would take up too much paper.  Our great card-playing skills have gotten us where we are today.  Now i is time to move on to fowks and show-biz.  I wish you all of the luck for the future.  Keep in touch.  Your bestest friend,  TANYA 

CHERYL - You've always been there for me - thanks.  Best of luck and I know we will continue our friendship 4-ever.  Love, MICHELLE 

LANCE - My future brother-in-law.  The wedding of the decade is going to be awesome.  Keep smiling and remember Lancelot Rules.  CHERYL 

BOB, ROB, PIPER, PAUL, AND LANCE - You guys are excellent!  Thanks for all of the good times.  DONNA AND CHERYL 

TOMMY - You are a real sweetie.  Thanks for being there to help me and Pete out.  Keep in touch.  Love, KAREN G 

GOOGS - A friend at W.H.S. that has always been there when I needed it.  No matter how mad Jim got.  Four years down to three days in what seems like an instant.  I will never forget you and I know you will never forget me breaking your window.  Keep in touch and don't call me Shirley.  BAKES

p.s. Do you want to go for a swim this summer? 

BAKES - Thanks for breaking my window.  I will never forget the day you came over chewing gum and playing your kazoo.  Then my dad made us lunch.  I will never forget you!  No one will ever separate us.  We've been together for too long.  Keep in touch.  Love always and 4-ever, GOOGS

p.s. Do we have a date on Thanksgiving? 

TOMMY - Life won't be the same without you. You have been there through the tears and laughs.  You have given me strength to begin when I feel like a stranger in a no-name town.  I'll remember you and the memories we've shared 4-ever.  Thanks for being my best friend and never letting me down.  Love forever, APRIL 

FRED - I'll miss your lovely hair.  KATHI 

DONNA, MICHELLE, RACHAEL, IRENE, VICKI -  You guys have been the best friends a person could ever ask for! Keep in touch 4-ever.  Graduation is gonna rock!  CHERYL 

PETE - Well, I really don't know what to say.  To start, thanks!  We've helped each other through a lot of stuff.  I understand everything totally!  The couple of weeks during the summer were great.  Keep in touch no matter what.  KAREN

p.s. NOTHING can keep great friends apart.  Is my offer to Rockford still open?? 

LUNCH CREW: JILL, HAYDEE, AUDREY, MISSY, DOLORES, DOREEN - We must keep in touch.  Best of luck next year.  Jill, too bad you're not going to college.  Missy and Audrey: high school has been a lot of fun.  Thanks for being such great friends. Love, DANIELLE 

RAY - Hi there hon!  Even though you won't write me a message, i will still write you one.  The past 2 years have been great!  I hope the future years will be even better.  Stay away from all those "nice lookin' chicks" at college and remember I will always LOVE you!!!  Love you lots, ALISON 

TOM GREEN - You will always be my secret lover and a terrific friend.  Don't forget me after graduation.  Love, KAREN W 

SHARI and SHEILA - Thanks for a time I will never forget.  We will definitely have to take a cruise to Malibu.  Keep in touch.  MISTY 

ROBIN G and RACHAEL T - Take care of Grandma for me! KAREN 

TOMMY - Have a nice day! ME

RICH (TWINKIE) - AHHH! I got a fat man chasing me!  GUESS WHO? 

BRIAN C - In-between fixing and watching T.V.'s, remember #64 lives on.  Love Ya, JO (--) 

ROBIN (BIRD) AND BRUCE (SOUP) - We all did a lot of wild and crazy things and we've had  a lot of laughs.  Thanks for all of the memories.  Love, APRIL 

D.F.R. - Remember that queens don't get everything they want!  MRS. SCRITTI POLITTI 

TO THE BREW CREW -  Keep Slammin'.  PIPER 

GOOGIE - Once you get the Vette, you will have the hottest wheels! MEL 

ROBIN - Thaks for being there for me! We are going to have a blast this summer!  Love, MICHELLE 

VICKI (SCRUFFY) - I'm glad that I met Tom and the Gang.  You are a eral blast.  I hope we can all party again.  Love, APRIL

p.s. Stay out of Brian's closet and I will stay out of Brian's living room. 

SANDY B - Hold on to your purse cause someone might stell it.  Thanks for being there for me.  Sorry about what happened when we got your dress.  SHHH, don't tell.  Keep in touch.  KAREN 

DE-WAYNE - I am not going to have a party at my house.  Good Luck with life.  Wing it.  AUDREY 

MEL - If you are ever sad, think of the bird! Ha Ha. Love, APRIL 

DENISE H - I'm glad we were locker buds for three years!  KAREN 

VIV - To all the psycho times and experiences we have gone through and what it all means to us... The Dave Gahan, building times at La Margarita, the candybars and their strength, Depeche Mode, the notebooks and the unknown use of T's, etc... Best of luck to you when you leave the states.  DENISE 

MISS - Thanks for making my three years here fun.  Senior year has been interesting. (Not to mention track) but I am really disappointed that you haven't brought your coloring book and crayons to any meets.  Good luck at Elmhurst and in volleyball.  Keep in touch.  ME 

ALISON AND RAY (Our Happiest Couple) - you guys are sooo cute!  Al, I hope you can always satisfy Ray's needs in the future.  God help you!  I wish you both luck in the future and I hope you both have pet turtles at school.  Love, TANYA 

CHERYL - You are the best!  WE've had some great times and I know there is more to come.  Thanks for being there during the good times and the bad times.  Good luck with everything.  Best buddies always, DONNA 

ALEX - Try not to go on vacation so someone won't steal your boyfriend.  (Along with your purse, watch and jean jacket).  Thanks for being a great friend.  Keep in touch.  GOOGS 

RACHAEL AND ALISON - We've been great friends since the beginning.  I'll never forget the crazy times we've had.  (Paul's, downstate, hockey.) Love, DONNA 

KEN, ROB, TIM, MIKE, BRIAN, DAWNA, TANYA, TOM, SUZI, CATHY, MARK, CHERYL, JASON, DINO, PETE, VICKI, BOB, RACHAEL, PAT, LAURA, AND JILL - Well, we made it you guys are the best!!  Good luck in all you do and keep in touch.  Love, MICHELLE B 

AUD, DANI, DOLORES, HAYDEE, AND ALLI - Hi, Ya'll keep iin touch.  Even though we will be separated, some farther than otehrs.  (MSU) Don't party too much or you will end up back here.  Luv, MISSY 

DOE - Well, I am glad we ended up better friends than we were when I first came here.  Remember when I thought you were "miss good two shoes"? But now I've learned.  Sorry about "everything" that happened this year.  I hope it all works out in the end.  thanks for making my senior year great.  Take care and keep in touch.  JILL

SMEL - Hickey Check!  Well kid, if youlook back at the way we were when we used to skate and compared it to now, it would be pretty hysterical.  Thanks for everything.  I hope you and Dave last forever.  (He's really a great guy.) Well, keep in touch. Luv, KAREN p.s. What is GAR doing???? 

JJ, BRUCE, JAY, MIKE AND BRANDON - Thanks for putting up with Kathi and me at the lunch table.  And only hitting me with food a few times.  MISTY 

AUD, DANIELLE, AND HAYDEE - I am glad we have all gotten to be such great friends.  But our "brain waves" haven't been strong lately!  Good luck at C.O.D., M.S.U. and N.I.U. next year.  Be sure to stay in touch.  They do have phone lines in Valesburg! JILL


1988 Senior Breakfast Class Awards

Class Clown – Pat Ward

Biggest Eater - Rich Liace

Best Dressed – Michelle Barton

Biggest Flirt – Sandy Lipe

Most Likely to Succeed – Danielle Shafer

Best Eyes - Irene Andrasz

Strangest Laugh – Kim Lancsak

Biggest Brown Noser – Rob Ignasak

Shyest – Laura Porter

Greatest Thirst – Ray Behrens

Happiest Couple - Irene Andrasz & Brian Donar

Praiser of the Porcelain Goddess – Adriana Rodek

Best Sense of Humor - Pat Ward

Life of the Party – Lance Karesh

Biggest Airhead – Laura Waringo

Hottest Guy – Mark Ishman

Hottest Girl – Michelle Barton

Biggest Storyteller – Mike Butler

Most Likely to Win The Indy 500 – Ray Behrens

Biggest Ego – Mark Ishman

Biggest Complainer – Robin Gebner

Most Studious – Frank Stoffa

Hottest Wheels – Rob Benning

Moodiest – Rachael Tee

Biggest Hypochondriac – Jenny Mayer

Most Artistic – Jason Larson

Nicest Smile (Girl) – Laura Waringo

Nicest Smile (Guy) – Mike Crosby

Mr. McCord’s Best Friend – Jay Schied

Cutest Dimples – Rachael Tee

Most Likely to Set Off Fire Alarm – Dwayne Marsteller

Biggest Change Since Freshman Yr – Tom Lilleberg

Most Likely To Slip In the Shower – Curtiss Richrath

Hard Girl – Sandy Bennett

Social Butterfly – Suzi Greicar

Most Innocent – Michele Greco

Sweetest Guy – Bill Anderson

Sweetest Girl – Audrey Fortes

Least Likely To See First Hour – Bob Swanston

Nicest Buns (Male) – Paul Nordan

Nicest Buns (Female) – Donna Dimovski

Most Cheerful – Suzi Greicar

Least Likely to Make the Olympics – Mark Roe

Most Likely to Marry a Dying Rich Man – Irene Andrasz

Hardest Worker – Frank Stoffa

Nicest Legs (Guy) – Paul Nordan

Nicest Legs (Girl) – Cheryl Louck

Most Likely to be President – Frank Stoffa

Most Likely to Marry First – Kim Fogarty

Most Likely to be on a Wheaties Box – Brian Donar


Full Quiver - Empty Bank Account Award (most children) - Sandy Bennett (four)