...and so it begins.

The year after next is our 50th reunion and some of you have been asking if we are planning anything to celebrate it.

The answer is not yet.

Please take the following survey.

After I receive some feedback on these questions, we will be able to make some plans for what to do next. If anything. 

Hope you are all well and enjoying your summer!

Marilyn Barrett

NTW 71

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1)   * Do you want a reunion in 2021?

Yes No
2)   * Do you want a combined reunion (NTE and NTW together) or separate ones (each school having its own reunion). Or is either fine with you.

3)   * Are you willing to be on the committee to run the reunion?

Yes No
4)   * Are you willing to head up the effort and chair the committee to run the reunion?

Yes No