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09/14/19 01:31 PM #81    


Phillip B. Rosen

Speaking for the Locust Jr. High peeps, we all had a dandy time at Walker Bros. this morning! Just dandy.   Tonight is another day!! 




09/15/19 01:23 PM #82    


Debra Davis (Gass)

I would like to thank the reunion committee for putting together a special evening for our 1969 class and guests. It was nice to see our friends from the past and make some new ones. Thank you to Debbie Klein for putting together the Avoca luncheon too. I look forward to more of these in the future.  Debbie Davis.



09/16/19 10:21 AM #83    


Hooper R. Jones

I, too, would like to thank Pam Drell and the rest of the reunion committee for putting together such a wonderful event.  Pam, you are undoubtedly the "glue" behind the Class of '69!  Also, a special thanks to Debbie Klein and Marty Block for coordinating the Avoca brunch.  I look forward to seeing everyone at #55 or #60 and wish you all great health and happiness until then!

09/16/19 02:22 PM #84    


Martin S. (Marty) Block

Thanks all. It was an honor to work on this reunion. My reward was the tremendous turnout of classmates. In these situations you have an idea, but when it is exceeded, then it's all worth it. I hope everyone had a great time and, with a little luck, we will do it again in 5 years. Please, upload any pictures here and Facebook. Thanks again for a fabulous time.  Marty Block

09/16/19 08:02 PM #85    

Kim Buol (Ribordy)

Thank you thank you Reunion Committee, Pam Drell, Marty Block and all my classmates that showed up from near and far!  What an absolute blast it was!!!          I enjoyed every minute and every person with whom I connected.  I was on the fence about attending up until Party Time but will not hesitate for the 55th! It's difficult to describe the unexpected joy drawn from seeing friends with whom we commonly shared first in life experiences- first bus rides, first teachers, first grades, etc from the shared perspective of our original families and houses.  My heart is still full.  Sincere thanks to all.

09/17/19 07:32 AM #86    


Richard Reeves

Thanks to Paul, Pam and all the reunioun committee for everything they did to pull this off. It was a very enjoyable weekend. It was great to see everyone again. Great to see the school and the neighborhood. To the ones who travelled to get there, I hope you had a safe journey home.

09/17/19 10:36 AM #87    


Carol Nero (Beckmann)

Thank you to all the 50th reunion committe for the work that you did planning and perfecting our reunion. It was enjoyed by all and the great turnout was greatly due to your tireless efforts. Thank you again! Carol

09/17/19 01:28 PM #88    


Lynn Harvey (Goldschmidt)

Just adding my thanks to everyone elses - the whole event was so well-run - kudos to the entire committee and special shout out to Pam!  Lynn

09/17/19 04:25 PM #89    


Douglas Allen

From Douglas Allen

Great thanks go out to Pam, Paul and the whole committee for their Herculean effort. If there were glitches, you never let the rest of us see them. A sign of professionalis. Congratulations. I don't use this forum much, so bear with me. Also great congratulations go out to Nancy Spurry and Mary Wampler Rhodes for the Sunser Ridge School tour of new school with the District Superintendent Ed Stang and refreshments after. Made it a wonderful day. Doug

09/17/19 04:28 PM #90    


Douglas Allen

Douglas Allen---So, who wants a 55th? Doug

09/17/19 06:00 PM #91    


Tom Lassar

Well, having missed the 50th due to unfortunate last minute circumstances am totally in favor of a 55th.  Also, the crowd for a 60th may unfortunately thin by process of natural selection.     Would love to see posts of photos taken at the 50th (with identifying names!)





09/18/19 12:09 PM #92    

Ross Brittain

Was great to see everyone at the reunion... and enjoyed the Avoca reunion and the tour of the new Freshman Building (our four-year-building) as well, LOL! Thanks to Pam and everybody else who made it happen... although I still can't get used to "Trevians" and the green-blue color scheme. See you all at the next one!

09/19/19 10:35 AM #93    


Steven Standefer

What Tom Lassar said... I had to pull the plug at the last minute, too, and would like at least one more shot at a reunion.  Pam and all, you worked so hard and it sounds like you pulled off another one.  Sorry to have missed everyone.  -- Steve S.  


09/19/19 07:37 PM #94    


Terri Fitzsimmons

A 55th sounds great. I can help out if needed. How about adding an optional picnic or breakfast on Sunday for those who are still in town?

09/21/19 01:32 AM #95    

Kim Buol (Ribordy)

I think a 55th is a great idea and love Terri's suggestion of breakfast/brunch on Sunday.  

09/21/19 11:46 AM #96    


Martin S. (Marty) Block

Great ideas. I heard of some meeting once a year for brunch, if you can make it. Also, if you are in from out of town ( I'm in about 6 times a year), call someone to meet.

09/24/19 09:59 PM #97    

Beth Perry

Want to add my thanks to all who worked so hard to make the reunion such a success.  I had never been to one--was somewhat hesitant but so glad I went.  

Beth Perry

09/25/19 10:19 AM #98    

Robbin Graham (Alcorn-Jones)

I just want to add my thanks to everyone who made this reunion and website possible. You all did a wonderful job. I had a most enjoyable weekend and I love the fact that we can keep in touch with each so easily.

09/25/19 04:53 PM #99    

Mary Waldner

Had such a wonderful time at the reunion!  Looking forward to seeing the photos that Amy took (Laura Miller's baby sister!!)  How do we see them?  Thanks.


09/25/19 11:01 PM #100    


Pamela Drell

Paul will be posting the pictures.  I’m not sure though-where on the website they will be posted.

09/27/19 12:37 AM #101    


Nancy Montgomery (Actipes)

Yes, Thanks so much to Pam and Arnold and all that helped put this reunion together. 

It was wonderful to see everyone. 



09/28/19 08:37 PM #102    


Paul S. Arnold

Photos are posted.


See the box to the left for the link. Still need to turn some sideways but I will get to it soon.

The reunion was a blast!



09/29/19 02:08 PM #103    


Lee G. Sucherman

Thanks for posting the pics. Great memories came out of the entire event and so much fun to reconnect after all these years.

I still love the poster graphic. Very suitable for framing. I wonder if the work can be shared digitally for our own, individual printing.    

10/03/19 01:20 PM #104    


Charles Heymann

Like many others, I too would like to thank all involved in organizing and pulling off such a great event. It was my first attendance and well worth the time and expense (likewise for the Skokie gathering the night before)!

I've noted, both at the reunion and on this site's "In Memory" page, the name of James D. (Jim) Ward—a childhood friend and ex-neighbor of mine. He settled in Santa Monica, CA near his parents, and my wife & I received annual Christmas cards from him until about 3-4 years ago. Might anyone have info on his death (cause, date, etc)?

10/06/19 04:03 PM #105    


Sandra Lee Andrew

Just a short note to thank everyone who helped out with the reunion. After talking with Pam it sounds like it took a village. It was so good to connect with people I had not seen in so long and find we still had much in common. Thank you for the opportunity to do that. I am looking forward to our next reunion and would enjoy helping out. Take care.

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