In Memory

Bruce Schinski

Bruce passed away unexpectedly in 2012.

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01/07/14 08:57 PM #1    

Ed Schofield (Schofield)

my brother

01/08/14 07:02 AM #2    

Rick Orzalli

another brother from another mother-Schlabotnicks and founding memeber of "the hole in the wall gang"

01/08/14 11:09 PM #3    

Leslianne Foster

I remember... back in the day...  Schinski and Schofield.. Most of the time you two were always hanging out together along with a few others. Bruce always seemed to be the serious one and Ed always had this great grin.. 

01/09/14 06:26 AM #4    

Eric Sharp

Whole in the Wall Gang - Boy, thats a phrase I havent heard in a long time. Lots of history in the adventures of that prolific group. Lots of memories. Eddy was right ... brother.  May he rest in peace. My only regret is that I havent been able to find out exactly what happened.  

01/09/14 07:11 AM #5    

Edie Ignacio (Hafdahl)

Chris Aoki and I loved having Eddie & Bruce in our Home Ec class during our senior year.  I didn't care much for Mrs. Sadler, but I always looked forward to class because I knew that we would have fun.  You two sewed ties for your Home Ec project.  Do you still have the tie Ed?! :-)

01/09/14 07:16 AM #6    

Rick Orzalli

Its kind of strange, his FB pix looked like he was enjoying life. The past few years we spoke only around the holidays and things seemed good. We would communicate via email often and then email returns finally quit coming. I called his office and was told he didn't work there anylonger. Talk about feeling disconnected! Sharp, Schinski, Turold, Flippo, Aoki,, Schofield, Baldwin, et al woud terrorize from Camerena Park to Gibson Rd. and all parts in between. Lots of fond memories and great times. Remember when Bruce A. could buy beer with Lori's drivers license and we could build a motorcycle out of an old bike in Eric's garage. Life was just a little less complicated.

01/10/14 05:35 PM #7    

Joni Gurley (Rubio)

Beautiful...remembering his kindness and good looks   Truly, Eric it seemed like I had just corresponded with him on fb and then I read he was gone.I remember you boys enjoying high school together...... Joni ♥

01/10/14 05:39 PM #8    

Joni Gurley (Rubio)

And guys sorry for the loss of your childhood buddy....reminds me of movie " sandlot" 


10/10/18 01:34 PM #9    

Scott Harkness

I remember he was in my Cub Scout Troop. Jeff Pearce was also in that group with Neil Gunther and Bruce Aoki. Now that is going back a few years.

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