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   Diana Denhom, psychotherapist and author of The Caregiver Wife's Handbook/Caring for Your Seriously Ill Husband, Caring for Yourself, shares her insights and tips from her experience caring for her spouse over 11 years. She interviewed 5 other caregiving wives about their experience and provides their collective wisdom as well. Click here to listen to broadcast at your convenience.


   Caregivers On the Edge are challenged on so many fronts, threatening their very existence. Dr. Gordon Atherley host of "Family Caregivers Unite" invited Dr. Denholm to share simple solutions so you not only survive caregiving, but can reclaim yourself and your relationships.  Click here to listen to broadcast at your convenience.


Be a Healthy Caregiver! Just how do you do that!  Each week Chris chats with guests to share his experiences and learn from others.  Learn what it takes not to lose yourself while caring for a loved one.  Click here to listen to broadcast at your convenience.


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Do you feel powerless as a family caregiver?  Tune in to eCare Diary to the Empowering Family Caregivers show and learn from Dr. Denholm how to empower yourself. Learn about typical caregiver fears and what to do about them!  Click here to listen to braodcast at your convenience.


   How do you, as a caregiver, manage anger, guilt & depression?  Author and medical psychotherapist Diana Denholm sat down with Natasha Bennett to talk about this and more helpful information for YOU, on News Channel 8 in Washington, D.C. . Click here to view the broadcast.


  Concerned about Caregiving? Are you a challenged caregiver or know somebody who is?  Listen to Jack Tatar of Safe4Retirment and Diana have an extended conversation as part of Jack’s podcast series, ‘A Safe Retirement’. It’s a MUST hear for those concerned with caregiving. Click here to read what Jack says.  Click here to listen now.


  Learn tools for becoming an empowered caregivers. Laverty, Eric and Denholm share a lively discussion about caregiving pitfalls and how to avoid them. Interview now archived for listening at your convenience. Just click here to listen now.


   Is caregiver communication about "picking battles" or can it be about collaborating to create the best possible outcomes? Find out as Nina asks Dr. Denholm this important question and more. Program streams live and archived. Click on the LiteFM icon to listen life, click here for the archive..(Go to "Get Connected" and then search to July 15, 2012 if link doesn't take you directly to archive.)



  Keesha Ewers, ARNP and friends invite you to join her and Dr. Denholm on ) HEALTHY YOU RADIO and explore important caregiver issues. An important and ifnormative program for any caregivers or people who care about a caregiver. Get the inside scoop on caregiving.  What do caregivers hate and what can they do about those things?  How can you, as a caregiver, survive? Click here for direct link to  archive as you'll want to listen to this one again and again!


  WIND's Sue Zawacki, Chicago, discusses concerns about caregivers on the edge - who they are and what they can do to avoid the tragedies we hear about on the news.  Click here for direct link to rebroadcast..


CBS Radio Dallas with Kathy Jones. Listen to archived interview with answers to questions caregivers want to learn.  Practical tidbits no matter whether you're caring for a spouse or your parents.  Click here for direct link.


  Marie Griffitsh hosts Dr. Denholm from Montreal. Caregivers respite!  Click here for direct link.


    What do you do to survive as a caregiver? Kitty ONeal interviews Dr. Denholm fine out key tools you can easily learn. Click here for direct link.


If you, or anyone you know, is caring for a seriously ill husband then you know how draining it can be and how caring for yourself gets lost in the mix. But it shouldn’t.

My guest today, Dr. Diana Denholm has written The Caregiving Wife’s Handbook . She has learned how to manage anger, guilt, grief, stress and resentment and will talk about it with us.  Show will be archived - look here for direct link.


  Healthy by Nature host Martie asks important questions for caregivers.  learn how to handle your most difficult concerns, then stay tuned for a second interview where you may call in to ask your own questions!  Show is archieved at May 12th - click here for direct link.


OMG I'm Getting Older and So Is My Mother!  Host Scott Greenberg asks the tough questions about dealing with anger, frustration and simply surviving as a caregiver as he hosts Dr. Diana Denholm.  You'll learn the triumphs and challenges of being a caregiving wife. Podcast and download available for this great show. Look here.


Dan Skinner Hosts Dr. Diana Denholm on Texas Public Radio “Some Books Considered”.

His thought-provoking question will lead you to great insight about how the caregiving experience can be changed from a negative one to one where your life and your relationships are not over – where you can reclaim the marriage you so dearly miss.

May 21, 2012 ·Dr. Diana Denholm used personal experience as a catalyst to write: “The Caregiving Wife’s Handbook.” Denholm wrote the book as a resource for those caring for a seriously ill spouse, providing them with information on how to handle a situation which can be very taxing mentally and physically.

Denholm tells host Dan Skinner that she saw her mother having to take care of her husband, Denholm’s dad, and then found herself in a similar situation taking care of her own husband when he was diagnosed with colon cancer only a month after he proposed to her. When she couldn’t find help to answer questions she had about her own situation, she decided to write the book. Rebroadcast click here.


April 24, 2012  1 p.m. EDT  WBAI, Positive Mind

After his provocative April 17 interview, Armand Dimele asks Dr. Denholm to return April 24th to continue asking probing questions about what Caregivers really can do for themselves.  He also probes the topic of what responsibilties the infirm have toward making life easier for the caregivers!  You can turn on your radio and hear his unique fusion of feelings and knowledge. The program will also be available in his archives to listen again at a later date.  Listen to both interviews at The Positive Mind by clicking on the icon below.



April 3, 2012 

 WNJC Radio Philadelphia / airs Southern New Jersey

Host- Dr. Susan Lorain

Topic:  Improving Life & Marriage for the Caregiving Wife / Expert Tips

        Rebroadcast via email only.


March 21/2012 interview

Power Your Life Radio

Dr. Jo Anne White interviews Dr. Denholm regarding advice, inspiration, and resources for wives caring for husbands with long-term illnesses. She has developed A Six-Step Communication Strategy for the Caregiving Wife and shares how to keep your life and your


Rebroadcast available - click on image below



January 13 - 9:30 am EST

WUML 91.5 FM / It’s Your Health / public radio Boston

Airs: public radio in Boston, MA /( Boston is #5 US radio market)

  Click on image to go to rebroadcast.  Scroll down page until you reach

the Caregiving Wife's book cover.  Click on it and hear interview.


Wednesday, Jan 18 at 5:45 p.m. EST

WBCR, Share Your Mission hosted by Dr. Winn Henderson

Topic: Caregiving Wives

Airs: Memphis,Tennessee and online


Saturday, January  21 @ 11 am EST

WFAS Radio / Here’s to Your Good Health

airs: Westchester, Rockland Cty, Long Island / the Hamptons & CT and

Worldwide at

Listeners outside of area listed above can go to:


January 30, 2012

Six Degrees Radio

Airs: streamed iTunes, and Law of Attraction Radio

   Click on image to browse/replay Denholm interview


Monday, January 30, 2012

KAYT On Point Talk with Carlette Christmas 

Mission is to Encourage,Uplift and Enlighten Women

airs: Alexandria, LA

  Click on image to go to rebroadcast.


Monday, January 30, 2012

WDVR The Low Down with Victoria Ann Davis

// Penn-Jersey Educational Radio Corp.

The LowDown airs on  WDVR-FM in Sergeantsville, NJ. WDVR (Delaware Valley Radio)  WDVR broadcasts on 89.7 FM in Sergeantsville, NJ and on 91.9 FM in Princeton, NJ. It is also heard live, around the world at


Wednesday, Feb 1, 3012

Lifestyle Talk Radio Network / Frankie Boyer Lifestyle Show

Topic: Improving Life & Marriage for the Caregiving Wife / Expert Tips


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

   Click on Healthtopia image to go directly to

rebroadcast and learn Expert Tips for the Caregiving Wife and Other Caregivers

Bonnie MeChelle, phone: 888.509.8450

Executive Producer of WAEC 860 AM Healthtopia Radio


Thursday, February 2 // 12:45 – 1:30 p.m. Eastern

Wisconsin Public Radio /  The Larry Meiller Show

    Click on image, then scroll down page to

2/2/2012 /2@ 11:45 for rebroadcast.

When a spouse is seriously ill, it can be difficult to take good care of yourself at the same time. Larry Meiller learns the particular challenges women face, and how to meet them.

Thursday, Feb. 2, 2012

WWPR 1490 Dresser After Dark Show  

Caregivers On The Edge / Leading Expert Weighs In on Paul Gilkey Tragedy

  Click on image to go to rebroadcast.


Febbruary 6, 2012

WSKY The Aging Boomer Radio Show / Frank Samson

More than 30 million women are caregivers for an ill loved one. Medical psychotherapist Diana Denholm, PHD, LMHC, has written a valuable guide for women who are struggling with the multiple challenges of being a caregiver to their husband or partner. She discusses this informative “hot off the press” book with me. A must listen to! Click on image below to listen now.


Wed February 1, 2012

Donna Seebo Show

Tacoma Washington



Tuesday, February 14 at 1:45pm EST

WTTB Your Second 50 Years.

Airs: Vero Beach, FL / WTTB-AM news and talk programming.

WTTB-AM broadcasts to the Vero Beach, FL area at 1490 AM.


February 16, 2012 Florida Public Radio

    Click on Tropical Currents image to go to rebroadcast.  Look

for "The Caregiving Spouse".

91.3 WLRN, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, the Palm Beaches, and 91.5 WKWM, Marathon, Key West /South Florida’s NPR News Stations



March 5th / in 11:00 AM

WTVJ / NBC Miami

Topic: Caregivers On The Edge / Leading LOCAL Expert Weighs In on Paul Gilkey Tragedy

 Lourdes Reigosa / Associate Producer

Live Miami at 11 - Available on YouTube