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Rick Singler

We were sorry to learn that Rick Singler passed away July 12th after a battle with cancer.  Rick's funeral was held on July 20th at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  Please see his obituary posted by Dona (Montgomery) Schafer.

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07/16/13 11:23 PM #2    

Carl Oswald

There is no more pain, no more suffering the effects of chemo and radiation, no more cancer.. There is only inner peace,  comfort, rest, and warmth.. And there is a beautiful place from which Rick can watch over his loved ones.. My condolences to Nan and family for your loss.. Heaven is a better place for having Rick there.


07/18/13 05:23 AM #3    

Dona Schafer (Montgomery)

Rick Duane Singler,63, of Ormond Beach Fla. passed away at home July 12,2013, after a long and courageous battle with cancer.  Born in Medford, Ore., he is the son of Grace Singler and the late Milton Singler.


Rick was an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  He was a self-starter, who taught himself to do many things including speak fluent Spanish, run many successful businesses and do what he loved to do most, build cars of all kinds!  Rick had an amazing talent for building things and no project was too big or challenging!  His passions included racquetball, building and racing dirt track cars, late model cars building old cars from the ground up, and spending time with his grandchildren.  And pink...his favorite color for a race car or hotrod!


In addition to his mother, he is survived by his loving wife of 40 years, Nanette Singler; their children, Rachel Buchanan, Kelsey (Scott) Johnssstone, Tatum (Lacey Singler, Brooke Beazley, and adopted son, Faron (Erin) Sanders; 11 grandchildren; siblings, Peggy (Lyle) Wright, Gary (Debbie) Singler, and Scott (Karen) Singler; mother-in-law, Esther Higgins; and 12 nieces and nephews.


Services will be held at 3:00 p.m., Saturday, July 20, 2013, at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to your local hospice organization.


Medford Mail Tribune

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

07/18/13 10:57 AM #4    

Debbie Sanborn (Long)

My thoughts and prayers go out to Rick's family and friends.

I just looked at Rick's last profile entry (look below the comment boxes) . There are great pictures of his wedding day, his pink cars, his beautiful grandchildren and many classmates from the 40th reunion. Certainly no one knows what our future medical challenges will hopefully you  celebrate each day..... the present moment of good health and happiness.!

07/19/13 01:32 PM #5    

Mike Alesko

Debbie you are so right. Rick was a Reinassance man and never squandered life.Many cannot say that. Salutee' Rick for a life well lived. And our best always to our fellow classmate Nannette Higgins Singler, Rick's longtime bride. She'sd an outstanding person too.....  

07/20/13 11:01 AM #6    

Marla Gardner

Rick and I go way back as children raised in the conservative Lutheran Church in Medford (St. Peter's).  We sailed through school as acquaintances but never really socialized.  That is one of the great things about growing up in a smallish place like Medford, isn't it?  Even if we were not all in the same smaller circle of close friends, we were still connected.

I got back in touch with Rick recently through Facebook thanks to the amazing Joanne Morton Joseph who notified us of Rick's cancer diagnosis (stage 4 colon) and solicited support for him during his treatment.  (Actually, now that I think about it Rick sent me a message on this reunion website at the time of the last reunion, in which he made some "comment' about my unique personality and attitude, hmmmm)

Anyway, in the facebook chatting we did back and forth, Rick was so amazing in his positive but realistic attitude about his illness.  And he always asked about me and my family, life etc.  It was inspirational to see how he faced the cancer down with hope, courage and acceptance, present in each day as it came and so surrounded by the love and support of family and many many friends.  His deep religious faith was obviously a central anchor in his life, as it was in his death.

Rick took a big hit with the cancer -- we all do one way or another -- but he was very lucky and blessed in his life, both in what he had himself and what he gave to others. 



07/26/13 11:43 AM #7    

Thomas Howard


News of Rick's passing came as a terrible shock. With the sadness came reflection, recollections and memories from our early "teens" and adult lives. 
As kids, we landed one of our first jobs at the Medford Speedway at the old Posse Grounds cleaning the entire facility by ourselves, a HUGE job after a Saturday night event. We got an early start on Sunday mornings. First priority, scour the area around and under the grandstands. Found some bonus money to go with our slave wages and put it all towards our first cars. We worked like dogs. What an experience! 
Our ill-fated project, later to become someone else's "race car number 51", was a lesson in economics. We had dreams and ambition but as high school kids we didn't calculate the size of that money pit. We should have been credited with discovering the first "black hole".
Rick's prized '57, stolen while at OTI was one of the few times I ever saw him angry. I felt so bad for Rick, what a helpless feeling. Being part of the car culture, we were defined by our cars and consumed by all things that made them loud and fast.
I am so thankful that Rick came to the 40th and we got to visit again. It had been a long time since the move to Florida, but Rick was still the same great guy. Smart, creative and driven. Always up for a challenge, even golf at the reunion. His sense of humor always cracked me up.
My most profound condolences go to Nan and the entire family for their loss. Those here that I have spoken with also send their regards.
Rick, thanks for the memories. Rest easy my friend.

07/28/13 07:19 PM #8    

Robert D Cook

A great roomy at OTI, many long conversations and rides from and to Medford, the world is now lacking a bright star...

11/26/13 03:58 PM #9    

Nanette Higgins (Singler)

Well I guess it is time for me to comment on Rick's passing away.  His struggle was long and hard, not once did he complain.   He was sure up until the day he was rushed to the emergency room that he was going to beat it.  That was when I found out that he had developed six brain tumors. He had been saying for a week he felt like his brain was not working right.  We thought it was stress. He laid down for a nap and I ended up having to call 911.  Our family was in shock. For the next three days we had hold him down as medication would begin to wear off. The doctor used radiation to shrink the tumors which gave him a little time. He wanted that. The tumors and treatmeant took his short term memory away. He was always asking what day it was and never believed us when we told him. So we put a huge sign on the wall near his bed after we brought him home with the day of the week and date.  He kept up the fight and was determined to go out to dinner with me again. Our younest daughter Brooke and I cared for him 24- 7. When the other three could give Brooke a break they would come and spend the night and help hospice and I to bath him and care for him. July 4th we rolled his bed out onto the front porch, set off fireworks and enjoyed our last holiday with him. His grandchildren ran around and had a great time. He watched in silence. Not to many days passed and he became really ill and lapsed into a coma state. On the 12 th of July our younest daughter took her children home for a short break and the other three came to house. We knew it would not be long. We were playing a game that our family has played for many years, our son Tate went and checked on him and said he was fine. I told him I would go give him his meds in ten minutes. When I got up to prepare them about five minutes later he was gone. I am sure he gathered much peace from the sound of his children laughter and enter action.  I was so glad that I was the one who found him gone.  The children and grandchildren are still trying to adjust as am I.    He told me he was not afraid to die as he had done his best to do good during his life. He said it was hard to get there (pass away.)     I am grateful for the time we had together.  I miss him constantly, but am at the same time grateful that he is no longer suffering.  I am looking forward to the time we will be together again.  In the mean time I am doing my best to press forward and act in a manner that would make him proud and be pleasing to my Heavenly Father. 

I have taken much comfort from those of you who have connected with me on facebook. He so enjoyed the reunion and came home so uplifted from the visit he had with so many of you. One of the things our oldest did was created a memory trunk with cards and and different things we recieved after Rick passed away.  I have printed all the comments on this site and placed them in the box for his children and grandchildren down the road. 

11/27/13 07:51 AM #10    

Mike Alesko

Nanette -- Thanks so much for posting your thoughts for us. I'm sure it was not easy for you in some respects. Your comments make us feel closer to Rick. And to you. Hope you are adjusting as best you can. Many of us are thinking of you and Rick all the time.  

11/27/13 09:38 PM #11    

Glenda Westwood (Seely)

Nannette, I would like to thank you also for your comments on Rick's passing. I know how hard it is to let them go, even though you know they are going to a much better place and you will see him  again. It is all the times you won't have Rick around to do the things with you that you have always done. I congratulate you in using your strong faith in Christ to get you through. You and Rick have been a great inspiration to me seeing the peace you both had at the end by putting your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.I am sure you both had and you will still have many ups and downs as each holiday or even a regular day and you don't have Rick be side you. If you ever need someone to talk to feel free to call me. My phone no. is 8013191930. I would love to visit.I think about you alot and pray for you daily, 

PLease take care, We care alot for you,

Glenda Westwood Seely


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