Thomas Sweesy

Profile Updated: April 26, 2019
Class Year: 1967
Residing In: Boise, ID USA
Spouse/Partner: Sandy
Occupation: USAF Retired
Children: Five:
4 girls (while flying Fighter Jets),
1 boy (during "Staff" time).
Military Service: USAF  

Nickname is "Ike".
No one knows me by Thomas.

School Story:

The UFO Spoof of Mrs. Millard - 1966 (class of '67): Our 'homemade' UFO was made out of cross-pieces of Balsa Wood and a Dry Cleaning Bag with candles on the bottom cross-pieces balsa wood. I can't remember exactly 'who' was the instigator of the 3 or 4 of us, but I helped. We lit the candles on the "UFO" behind the "Dorm", and it rose up over the house, and then over the Gym.

That wet Gym roof (hey, it’s OREGON) glistened from the candlelight on the dark night, and the blue tinted "UFO" pulsed as the candle flickered. Flaming 'wax' streamed down as UFO "Thrust", and our UFO for that night disappeared into the woods (or the lake). An awesome sight for Mrs. Millard who was out walking her German Shepherd dog!! She reported it to the TV NEWS, and it was covered the next night.

A couple nights later we did the same thing but this time the wind was different, and the "UFO" rose up and drifted over the nearby highway. A pickup truck saw the UFO "Land" on the highway and terrified since he had seen the NEWS, the driver screeched to a Stop. When the candles went out, the Jig was Up. That local driver went over to it and saw what it was. He of course reported it to the News, and they covered the Hoax … never suspecting that it came from the “Boys School” a hundred yards through the Woods.

Mrs. Millard never figured out that it was us.

Years later I told that story to my wife Sandy & 5 kids, and of course we had to make and fly one! Great Fun!

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