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•   Leo Klein  8/10
•   Bob Morss  6/24
•   Gerrine Cowgill (Peckenpaugh)  6/4
•   James Roumasset  5/4
•   George R Kirchner  4/14
•   Rick Damlos  3/31
•   Les Blum  3/15
•   Rod Barber  2/26
•   Joan Hullin (Keith)  2/23
•   Marlene E Walther (Cowan)  1/26
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Carlmont High School
Class Of 1960


Carlmont High School Class Of 1960

If you are a Carlmont Alumni who has just found this site you can join us by clicking on the "Contact Us" menu at the left side of the Home page. From there you can send a request to join along with the email address you wish to use on this web site. We will respond ASAP with instructions but we may need to confirm you identity first.

If you are already signed on but are having trouble with the site or signing on use the same method to Contact Us as described above. We can not recover your pass word but the Administrator can issue you a new one.

This web site subscription has been extended until Feb. 2016.  So check it regularly and update your profile regularly so we can keep track of where you are and what is going on in your life. Who knows where we will all be in another 10 years but it will help us contact you if you keep us up to date on any email address changes and you address and phone.

  Let us know if you have a friend who is interested in using this web site for their school or reunion. For every referral we send in we get a credit on our subscription. The code # to make a referral is M2853511 when they subscribe or have them "contact us" (menu on the left side of window)

Info from Jim Winslow, Class of '61

Classmates of 1960:

Have you lost one or more of your Carlmont yearbooks over the years?  Can’t find a replacement on eBay?  There is now a source which sells quality reprints of the originals.  I own a few of them and can confirm that they are excellent reproductions at a fair price.  [FYI most of them have the original signatures from other classmates]

As some of you know, I have been working on a photo project at the Belmont History Museum for the past several years, a project involving the history of Belmont schools as well as other schools in the County.  In the course of my work I had assembled a personal collection of more than 120 high school yearbooks, including all of the pre-1970 Carlmont yearbooks. is a company that sells reprinted copies of the original yearbooks.  I have sold or loaned them many yearbooks including every Carlmont Vistas from the first one in 1953 to 1988.  They have all been electronically scanned and will soon be posted for sale on their website.
The address is  I do not work for E-Yearbook so you will order directly through them.  I make no profit from their sales.



I have great news today for our classmates on Facebook! You can now do all of the things you can do on our class web site from inside Facebook. It's called Class Connection, and you'll find it's very simple to join and use. Follow these 3 quick steps to get connected:

  1. Log into our class web site at $homepagelink$.
  2. Click the "Class Connection" link under Member Functions.
  3. On the Class Connection Join Screen click the blue "Join Class" button and accept the app permissions.

That's it - you're Facebook connected!

There are some exciting new features available here such as the ability to send your Notify Me notices to the Facebook notification globe. You can use the Easy Invite tool to help us find missing classmates and invite them to join our class. Class Connection also provides a Visit Another Class feature that allows you to browse around other classes.

Here's a few important things you should know:

  • Everything you do on Class Connection is mirrored on our class web site. Everything you do on our class web site is mirrored on Class Connection. I.E. they work as one. Class Connection is just a convenient method of participating with our class from the Facebook environment.
  • Class Connection is 100% as private and secure as our class web site. No personal/private data whatsoever is shared with Facebook. The Class Connection developers made an overview video about the topic of privacy here:
  • Your Profile privacy settings are honored on Class Connection. Only the people who you're already permitted to view your Profile are the same people who can view your Profile using Class Connection. Click Edit Profile if you wish to review these settings.

TIP: For quick access to Class Connection add to Facebook Favorites. See example here:

I hope you enjoy this new Facebook connection for our class!

end copy above this line

Thank you to all who helped us reach this significant goal! I hope you and your classmates enjoy the new Class Connection Facebook app.



Creatively Yours,
Brad G Switzer
Class Creator