Belmont Half of the Class



The Belmont Half of the Carlmont Class of 1961

While looking through old photos and memorabilia from our high school days, my wife showed me a clipping from the old San Carlos Enquirer that had a group picture of her graduating class from Terra Linda.  When I saw all of the San Carlos students in a single photo with names attached, it immediately occurred to me that there had never been a group shot that showed the entire Belmont half of our class.

While San Carlos had a central junior high school for all of its 8th graders at Terra Linda, the Belmont students were spread among five homerooms at three separate K-8 schools, Louis Barrett, Cipriani and Mae Nesbit.  There was also a single class at Immaculate Heart School and another one at Notre Dame.

 With the help of my Belmont classmates and the Belmont School District, I was able to obtain group photos from all of those homerooms except for the one at Notre Dame.  I then began the arduous task of putting names on the faces of all of those students.  It was much more difficult than I had anticipated but, with the considerable input from many classmates, we were able to identify all but one of the 180 or so Belmont students who became part of the Carlmont class of 1961.

 [Note: There was a huge growth in population in Belmont at that time and at least another 25-30 students moved in over the summer of ’57 and became part of our entering class, but we have no way to identify those students.]  

 I would appreciate any additions or corrections on any of the identifications.  These photos and class rosters will become part of a permanent exhibit at the Belmont Historical Society at Twin Pines.


Jim Winslow
6 Photos  9/20/11
Sandra Seely LWeissel
2 Photos  9/27/11
Douglas Hall
17 Photos  5/27/15