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Harlan Halvorson

Harlan Halvorson

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08/12/20 11:52 AM #1    

Sandra Seely (LWeissel)

My heart goes out to Penny and family at this time of loss. I am so sad to hear of Harlan's

passing.  Such a very nice guy!  RIP "old" friend.  

08/13/20 11:30 AM #2    

Terry Peterson (Tedesco)

I was so sad to learn of Harlan's passing. He was one of the most delightful people I've known. He had a smiling face and always made you feel happy in his presence.
My heartfelt prayers go out to Penny and family.
RiP dear Harlan 💔

08/13/20 06:07 PM #3    

James Roumasset

Hilarious guy. Must've brought joy to many over the years!

09/17/20 02:53 PM #4    

Richard Epting

If the only thing you knew about Harlan was that he was a fullback on our football team, a catcher on the baseball team, and after graduation he joined the Marines, you certainly could conclude that he was one tough individual.  And you would be right!  However, Harlan's toughness and athleticism did not define the person I knew.  He was much more than just a great athlete.  If you were fortunate enough to be his friend, you knew it was his inner self that made him such a remarkable human being and an outstanding friend.  Someone once said that there are two kinds of people: those who brighten the room when they enter, and those that brighten it when they leave.  Harlan was definitely the former.  He loved to laugh, was always positive and uplifting, and most significantly, after talking with Harlan about a problem, you always felt better about the situation at hand and you felt better about yourself.  There is nothing more gratifying than having a friend who goes out of his way to try to make things better for you when you need help.  Harlan was such a friend

Our parents were not like today's "helicopter parents".  They basically gave us free range.  Luckily for us the environment of the late 50's and early 60's was not as dangerous or stressful as today.  Unfortunately, most young people are not mature enough to deal with complex problems and when you're young, most problems appear to be quite complex.  Most of us didn't want to discuss things with our parents, and if you had an "understanding"  older brother or sister you were one of the lucky ones.  Most of us were on our own unless we had a good friend to give support and advice. When I had a problem, I'd talk to Harlan.  He would always go into his routine: raising his chin in the air he would scratch his throat and in his best "Coach Nicolapolous" imitation voice he would say, "Well, Epting, what in hell were you thinking?"  I'd immediately crack up and suddenly my problem didn't seem as earth-shattering as I thought.  Having a friend like Harlan taught me not to take things so seriously, for in the end things most likely will get better.  That same attitude helped Harlan survive a lung transplant in 2006.  Harlan was a remarkable human being and our hearts go out to his wife, Penny, and their family.  Harlan's memory will stay with all of us.

Learning of Harlan's passing, I was reminded of Rob Reiner's classic "coming of age" movie "Stand By Me".  Especially the final scene in which , the main character reflects on the recent death of his best friend, Chris.

Sitting at his computer, he types the following:

             Although I haven't seen Chris in ten years, I know I'll miss him forever.  We never have any friends like the ones we had when we were young. ...... Jesus, does anyone?


09/18/20 08:08 PM #5    

Gary Carlson

The remarks that Richard Epting posted about Harlan is an outstanding tribute to him. Richard this was absolutely great tribute Harlan .  I am sure Harlan is viewing the post with gratitude and feel honored to have you as a close friend.

Harlan may you rest in piece - Semper Fi fellow Marine.


09/18/20 08:12 PM #6    

George Wilber

After I graduated in 1961 I eventually enrolled at CSM.  This allowed me to avoid the draft.  At the time CSM mailed semester grades.  Since, I spent my spare time at card rooms and pool halls I wasn't able to devote time to studying.  Consequently, my grades were poor.  Harlan at that time was a mailman working in San Carlos. My parents house was on his route.  CSM's practice was to mail grades.  Harlan would intercept my grades  and deliver them to me in person generally when we ran into each other at The Orchard Room.

He was a great guy.  Almost impossible to not like him.  I don't remember anyone speaking ill of him.  Women seemed to appreciate him since was such a nice guy and also handsome.  
I'm sure he'll be greatly missed by all that were close to him.


09/19/20 10:53 AM #7    

Barbara DuFrane (Daly)

I was thinking Rick Eptings tribute to Harlan was Wonderful.  I didn’t see Harlan since high school, but he sounded like a Wonderful, fun, loyal human being.  Rest In Peace Harlan.

Barbara DuFrane Daly



09/19/20 01:19 PM #8    

Richard Pecar

Semper Fi my Marine brother. The image of your good nature, smile and laughter is permanently etched in my memory.

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