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07/31/11 02:20 PM #1    

Richard Epting

Sandy has never officially been declared dead, he's just been missing for the last 50 years.  I had to list Sandy in the Memorial Section because our site would not allow anyone but Sandy to log on and set up his profile.  The information I have received about Sandy's disappearance is somewhat sketchy and actually borders on the bizarre; but if anyone has information that can clarify the situation, please let us know.  Sandy did not graduate with us, instead, he enlisted in the military in early 1961 and was sent to basic training somewhere in the South.  After he arrived for basic training, his family never heard from him again..  They attempted, on numerous occassions, to contact his base, but Sandy's mother claims the military always refused to answer any of her questions and said they had no idea where he was.  Interestingly, the military never declared Sandy AWOL, which is troubling for a number of reasons.  Mrs. Sanders assumes that Sandy died in a basic training accident and that the military refuses to accept any responsibility.  In those days, before Vietnam, our military was well trusted and should have had no reason to hide a training accident.  Also, in all likelihood, if an accident had occured, a friend in his unit would have contacted Mrs. Sanders without the military's knowledge.  Sandy's mother argues that he was a loving son and would never not contact his family.  I believe that any classmates who knew Sandy would agree with her.  Again, this is a very strange tale and I would encourage anyone with pertinent information regarding Sandy's disappearance to contact this website.

09/15/11 06:12 PM #2    

Gary Carlson

Sandy and I were great friends early in high school and we use to hang out a lot.  When we were seniors we both took Drafting together.

This is what I remember that took place - Mrs Sanders is not totally honest about Sandy going missing.  I visited her twice when I would come home on leave to check on the status of Sandy.

This is what I remember that took place:  Sandy quit high school in the senior year and joined the Marine Corps and went to San Diego for boot camp.  One of the reasons he quit high school he got his girl friend pregnant (don't remember her name but, I am pretty sure she was not in the 1961 class - I believe 1963 class.  He came back from boot camp and I saw him.  I also joined the Marine Corps and was to report to boot camp in June 1961.  He told me about boot camp and that he was assigned in the in the Aviation field.  I believe he was going to report to El Toro for duty.  I remember him telling me that he was going to get married to the girl he got pregnant and move her to El Toro.  Then I remember coming home after boot camp and I heard that Sandy went AWOL from El Toro.  I remember that he didn't tell the Marine Corps about the girl he got pregnant because they would not let him enlist.  Back then you had to get permission to get married.  Maybe his Commanding Officer refused to allow him to get married.

I visited with Mrs. Sanders and she told me she had know idea why Sandy went AWOL but, thought it might have to do with the girl he got pregnant.  She also told me that the FBI were watching her house and that they were screening her mail.  She also believed the phone was being tapped.  I visited her 2 or 3 times over the years and I remember the last time it was a very short conservation and I believe she was going through a divorce.  I think Sandy was their only child.

Either way Sandy was a good guy and very smart - I belive he is out there somewhere living under a different name.



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