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Profile Updated: September 27, 2019
Residing In:
Hurricane Alley, FL USA
Ordained Minister / Special Librarian / Scientist
Sarah: born 1978 (Cleveland, Ohio)
Nathan: born 1981 (Fairview, Ohio)
Emma: born 1992 (Powell, More…Wyoming)
Military Service:
Yes! Attending Reunion

Navy: served as Personnelman, 1971 - 1974

Part Owner of Rademaker's Plumbing & Heating, 1974 - 1976

Married Sheryl McIlvaine, 1976, divorced 2003

Owner of Rademaker's Cleaning 1976 - 1979, sold business when I became disabled.

College: 1979 - 1981

Special Librarian at Brokerage firm: Roulston & Co, 1981 - 1988 when I became permanately disabled.

1981 - present: I have set up and maintained 11 Special Libraries around the country, been a storyteller in elementary schools, & served as Coordinator between Public School Systems and the Public Library.

Lived in Ohio until 1990
Lived in Wyoming in the Rocky Mountains 1990- 1993 (and yes, I did help out a neighbor on a cattle drive.)
Lived in the Trinity Alps in Northern California 1993 - 2003
Living in Hurricane Alley in Sunny Florida 2003 - present


I am a poet, as well as a writer. Here is a thumb-nail sketch of my writing career:

I have been published in 5 books, a world-wide medical journal, and a New Zealand Medical Newsletter .

My poem “With No Strings” took Second Place in U. S. Navy Talent Contest 1973.

My poems are featured in two books and two CD’s in 2004, including The Best Poems and Poets of 2003.

I received the Outstanding Achievement Cup Award & Bronze Poet of Merit Award in 2004.

I served as a Poetry Ambassador for the United States during 2006-2007 time period.

I am a member of a Poet’s Corner of NSB, FL & several poetry and writer’s websites.

I have served as a moderator for the poetry and story sections at Prosenpoets.com.

I have given poetry readings at:
The Coronado Springs Hotel at Disney World
The Black Box Theater at The Atlantic Center for the Arts (ACA) in NSB, FL
The Harrison House, associated with the ACA during Arts Festivals
Barnes and Noble in Daytona Beach

I have participated in, and hosted Poetry Slams at the ACA.

My poems and stories have been put on display in:
The Federal Building in Daytona Beach
Denny’s Restaurant of NSB
NSB Chiropractic Office
Bert Fish Medical Hospital and Rehabilitation Center
Various websites.

I have been requested to write poems for ministers to use in their public discourses across the United States.

My poems have also been featured, as the ‘Poem of the Day’ on the Internet and, I was nominated as Poet of the Month on the Web as well.

I have been commission to write poems and/or stories ‘Roasting’ various departments of Bert Fish Medical Hospital and their Rehabilitation Center.

My stories, I have been informed, are also being used by caretakers to help their chronically ill patients.

I have been written up in The Trinity Journal of Northern California and The Sun News of Cleveland, Ohio.

In my spare time, I privately help and encourage fledgling poets, and beginning writers to develop their skills.

I have written numerous short stories and series, one western novel, and I am in process of a spy novel and a sequel to the western. I have around 70 characters on which to draw upon, in the telling of my stories.


I collect books, petrified wood, rare artwork, unique knives, hand-made Native American flutes, which I also play. I collect puppets and I am a puppeteer. I have designed 6 original puppets puppets to date. I also collect handmade wooden puzzles, games and encryption devices, (I was taught Morse Code in the Navy), historical timepieces and watches, Old Time Radio programs, pulp novels and pulp Audio Books. I also play the Thumb Piano, aka the Sansa, the Kalimba, or the Thumbdrum.


My recipes have been published in the Taste of Home cooking magazine, and three of their hard-bound cookbooks (best recipes of the year, best recipes of the first 10 years, and an outdoor grilling cookbook).


I have also invented a medical device for the wrist that Chiropractors here in Florida are very excited about.


I have recently joined The Central Florida N.A. Flute & Drum Circle and we play in a small pavilion surrounded by bamboo trees at the Bountiful Earth every Saturday.

I am also a member of the International Native American Flute Association.

I have been requested to play the N. A. Flute at Bert Fishe Hospital, the Daytona VA Outpatient Clinic, and a Chiropractic Office to soothe and relax patients and staff.

As a Scientist for the past 40 years - I have been working with a group of other Scientists dealing with Dark Energy (which makes up 70% of our universe), and its effects on the material universe (5%). FYI: the balance of the universe is made up of Dark Matter (20%).


Polio Survivor
CFIDS Survivor
Cancer Survivor
Tornado Survivor
Hurricane Survivor
Bermuda Triangle Survivor
Post Traumatic Marriage Disorder Survivor ;0)

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