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Jason Thomas
Residing In: South Boston, VA
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Occupation: Writer/Film Producer
Children: As you will see, I have not been the world's most successful parent. I have lived in the fastlane most More…of my life and the result is the following:

*Married a model/actress in a quickie Mexican ceremony. Got divorced is an equally quickie Mexican venue. We are still great friends. She has married four times since so she seems to be recovering. No children.

But there have been children:

Aunge: The eldest. I got him a job in Paris years ago. He is now the head of a large fashion house. He seldom speaks English anymore.

Marlon: He became a professional skier. Good kid. Shot himself in front of a bar in Aspen following a fight with his girlfriend. Dead.

John: Handsome and charming and a junkie. Came to visit me at my Wyoming rfanch. Within a week had stolen $35,000 from my checking account. Threw him out.

Nathan: Nicest of the brood. Could not stand the pressure of the entertainment business. See each other occasionally.

Wow...that was a lot cheaper that a sesxion with my psychiatrist.

Wesley (the youngest) became an actor. Was murdered during the theft of his BMW convertible in the mountains of California.
Yes! Attending Reunion

My life has been all career:

*Really started at the Cleveland Plain Dealer where I became the special feature writer and later the fashion and society columnist. Bought a great house in Shaker Heights. Was very happy. Today I have a standing offer with a real estate agent to buy that house back. Silly but I have reached the age when I can be silly.

*Went to the Chicago Sun-Times where I was syndicated in 650 newspapers. I wrote about the rich and the powerful and traveled all over the world. At The same time, I started television shows with Oprah Winfrey and Roger Ebert. Decided that neither had any real future. First of my really big mistakes.

*Moved to New York and discovered Studio 54. Devoted life to doing my writing and television spots.

*On to Beverly Hills where I founded The Fashion International Report, House and Home magazine and Movin magazine. I was the fashion editor of AM Los Angeles with Regis Philbin. Did a little acting. Wrote Haute which became a movie.

*Bought a haunted plantation in North Carolina when I became vice-president of production and a series of movie studios in North Carolina. Was a business type who raised funding for a lot of films.

*Wrote more books including Mogollon (nobody ever read it); Champagne (which was recently bought for a movie) ; High Society; After Dark : Too Rich (made into three movies) and a few others. Made a pile of money.

*Oops. Publisher and business manager embezzzled most of the pile of money. Had to go to work again.

*Sold my pillared house(sorry Scarlet) and moved back to Beverly Hills. There I worked as a senior producer for a television company and started ghost writing books (now total eight) for the rich and the powerful. Made my money back.

*Today, I am producing small budget movies and have a waiting list for future books.

School Story:

Recently, one of my very rich friends treated me to an over-priced physical at Duke Medical Center. Since his family had donated the funding for Duke University and the medical center, I got great care. The doctors were shocked to find that after years of heedless living, I was one of the healthiest people ever to waste $28,000 on a physical.

This will surprise most people who remember me at Canfield where I avoided classes with every fake illnbess I could create. That was because I hated school.

College was different. I majored in fraternity and learned that I had a natural ability to live the wild life.

And I did.

I finally started to grow-up at the age of 56 years when my son, Wesley (the product of a request for sperm some 18 years earlier) came into my life. He was the perfect kid. A really talented actor and all around good guy. I spoiled him. Even bought him his dream car . He was murdered defending it in a car-jacking.

Today I own several companies: One is a partnership with Washington powerhouse, Janet McElligott (where we produce international documentaries and I have been contracted by an African relative of President Obama to write a book entitled, Auntie) and Ava kaufman (a Beverly Hills tycooness who got a bad dose of Restalyn and went through the world's most successful heart transplant). We are just finishing a book called , Heartless, which will be made into a movie, probably staring Jennifer Aniston. I have a farm in Virginia where I am building a studio onto my cottage) and a chalet in the Pine Mountain Club outside of Los Angeles. Ava and I spend part of our time in a corporate condo in Beverly Hills where I am opening a new office after the first of the year.

Much of this is due to one of my billionaire friends (me ghost writer ...him rich friend) who told me if I could scrape together a rather large amount of money, he would allow me into one of his oil deals. Today I have a lot of stock and some cash in Canada companies and Canadian dollars. The investment returned 50 to one in eight months.

Suddenly my distant relatives care a lot about me.

I don't ride horses as much as I did. Still have a few horses who are thrilled about that. I have a bunch of dogs and collect art.

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