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06/09/16 03:04 PM #93    

Adele Hernandez

I'm cleaning out my garage and ran across Lane Tech yearbooks for 1972, 1973, 1975.  The are in good shape.  Anyone interested in them, let me know


06/10/16 10:43 AM #94    


Mia Toy (Gale)

Hi Adele, I would love the yearbooks from '72 and '73. I also live in Chicago so would be happy to pick them up from you.

06/10/16 07:42 PM #95    


Amparo Rodriguez (Perez)

Hi Mia Gale, if no one comes for those year books I would be very interested ... Amparo Perez... it was Rodriguez at Lane ....  

06/10/16 07:43 PM #96    


Amparo Rodriguez (Perez)

Sorry Mia that was supposed to go to Adele Henandez ... 

07/20/16 06:06 PM #97    


Maria Hernandez (Myers)

Greetings Lane Class of 1975,

I am doing my best to recall the names of all the people in my Lane 40th Reunion photographs. I need a bit of help here from you.

I would like to make this photo collection as complete as possible.

One more request, if you have any photos of my late husband (Kurt Myers) from the event, please send them my way.
Thank you Amparo for send that photo of him a while back.

Please go to the Lane Tech Class of 1975 site and then follow to the 40th Reunion link under Maria Hernandez Myers.

I'd like to remember you twenty years from now. lol

Thank you, thank you and thank you.

07/20/16 08:37 PM #98    


Amparo Rodriguez (Perez)



In Angie Myers pics of the 40 year Re-union who is the dashing gentleman with Angie in pic 5 out of 184?,,, both of us are having a brain freeze and we just can't remember ,, trying to tag  pics for our memory ,,, lol ... also  pic 86 out of 184 can anyone tag any of these also ...  thank you all in advance, Amparo Rodriguez-Perez 



07/21/16 12:30 PM #99    


Cindy Bogusz (Kaminski)

I think the person in Picture # 5 is Joe Fazio

07/21/16 03:10 PM #100    


Amparo Rodriguez (Perez)

Thank you Cindy.. I am not sure but it would be great to tag this person ...  :) .... Amparo


07/21/16 03:33 PM #101    


Maria Hernandez (Myers)

Thank you Cindy for the information. Many thanks to Amparo for her help sorting the names out with me.
I will add Joe's name to the photo.

I still need some more names.

Thank you and Cheers!

07/22/16 05:17 PM #102    


Greg Pantazi

Hi, Angie


           The man in pictures 183 & 184 is my long time best friend Jae Kim and not Raymond Moy. Jae came with us to Sidekicks after the reunion.

07/22/16 08:58 PM #103    


Maria Hernandez (Myers)


Thank you so much for the information.  I have made the corrections.


07/23/16 01:41 PM #104    


Greg Pantazi


    I have a little more help for you with the names. In #185, the woman you have a ? mark for is Mary Appelt, (Graves).



07/24/16 11:12 AM #105    


Maria Hernandez (Myers)

Thank you so much Greg.
I made the correction this morning.

Cheers, Angie

08/02/16 09:16 AM #106    


Maria Hernandez (Myers)

I am just curious to know, is anyone here planning to attend the Lane Alumni Golf event on Thursday the 4th?

It is going to be held at the Bloomingdale Golf Course, 181 Glen Ellyn Rd., Bloomingdale, IL
Time: 11:30 Check-in, 12:30 Tee Time


08/03/16 12:51 PM #107    


Kevin Sheldon

I'll be there.

08/04/16 05:17 AM #108    


Mary Moy-Gregg


I have usually participated in the last 4 yrs with the Ascots (Jim Ascot is a former Alumni Pres. & my R.E. Broker, son Denis, & Joe L.) in his foursome & even sponsored it last yr with my restaurant, "OMG! Brunch & Boutique."  

But my exec chef is in UK and I am opening up a 2nd location -- "OMG!

Cafe" in downtown Wheaton, so I have to pass this year.  But I've enjoyed it every yr and will miss the fun & comraderie!  Bloomingdale golf course and its banquet facilities is so much nicer too. Do go and you'll have a great time.

Mary Moy-Gregg, '75

08/09/16 12:28 PM #109    


Maria Hernandez (Myers)

Greetings to all,

My son is interested in taking Fencing lessons. I am currently searching for a facility nearby.  Does anyone have any recommendations?
I may even try a hand at it myself.

We didn't lose anyone at the lake this weekend. So, it is safe to say, we will sign up for more sailing lessons.

10/18/16 08:23 PM #110    


Greg Pantazi

      It's hard to believe that it's been a year already. It was a great time, I hope everyone is doing well.

10/24/16 02:28 PM #111    


Maria Hernandez (Myers)

There seems to be a lot of interest for the 45th Lane reunion.

You can view more posts on Facebook
You may need to register and then log in as it is a closed Facebook group.


Cheers, Angie
(Maria Hernandez)

11/28/16 08:33 PM #112    


Maria Hernandez (Myers)

Greetings to all,
I am posting this on behalf of another Lane-nite class of 86 Maurel Samonte
Thank you all for your kind attention.

Cheers,  Angie



Any of my friends know a Korean speaking engineer in the city or close suburbs. Preferably in civil or environmental. May have a 6 week free intern for them.

Or anyone who works with Ruby on Rails that could use a 6 week free Japanese intern. These are both for Jan to mid February 2017.

11/30/16 08:59 PM #113    

Bill Pulkownik

A little saddened to hear Hero's Sub Sandwich place is up for sale.
Listed on market for $1.6M.

12/28/16 06:01 PM #114    


Maria Hernandez (Myers)

Greetings to all,

I would like to wish everyone a prosperous, safe and Happy New Year!


12/29/16 03:02 PM #115    


Mary Moy-Gregg

To All My Fellow '75 Classmates as well as Other Laneites:

As some of you may know I am now a restauranteur in the brunch business!  My new restaurant, "OMG! Brunch & Boutique" located at 105 S. York Rd. - Suite A100 in Elmhurst, IL, (only about 15 miles west of Chicago!) is having a special New Year's Day Brunch BUFFET on Jan. 1st from 7:30am - 3pm.  It is the only day of the year we offer a buffet, because we are cooking all our entire fresh, natural & organic food inventory.  Because we will close the restaurant the day-after New Years for 16 days (Jan 2 - Jan 17, 2017), this will be our final push of sales as the restaurant industry winds down their business in January and February.  So, I give myself and whole staff a much needed Winter break with family and friends.  I will spend the first week of January in CA visiting my daughter, Sam, and the second week in Atlanta, GA visiting my son, Jonathan & his wife, Reem.  So, please visit me at OMG! with fellow classmates and friends, or family and have a wonderful delicious brunch buffet with our house brunch cocktails (we're known for awesome Bloody Marys!) on NEW YEAR'S DAY!  Call me for reservations at 630-632-0105 directly, or go online to my website -- www.iluvomg.com.   Thank you! - Mary Moy-Gregg '75

12/31/16 11:15 AM #116    


Mildred Barry (Harris)

Hi Mary, Happy New Year!! I've been planning to visit your restuarant.  Thanks for the invitation.  I already have plans for New Years Day but I'd love to visit when you reopen.  Lordwilling, I will see you there in 2017! Have a blessed and prosperous year!

01/05/17 03:36 PM #117    


Maria Hernandez (Myers)

I am planning to listen to some nice Jazz music by Mike Finnerty and the Heatmerchants at the Red Line Tap on the 15th.
This is going to be on the day before my big milestone birthday. What better way than to spend some time among awesome Lane people.

There will be no Indiana Jones shot challenges here, I may most likely be driving. We can arrange that another time. lol

Hugs will gladly be accepted in lieu of gifts. :)
Red Line Tap
7006 N Glenwood Ave, Chicago, IL 60626
Call:  773 274-5463

or on Facebook

Angie Myers


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