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12/13/08 09:04 AM #26    

Sandra Roth (Harvey )

They can change the menu if we want, I just used what we had served at the weddings as a starting point.

12/15/08 01:10 PM #27    

Shannon Keller

Jim is right here in Fort Dodge and I think works for Iowa Medical or A1 Home Health Care.

12/19/08 09:06 PM #28    

LeeAnn Beam (Gillespie )

Last I talked to Jim he was headed to the Repuplican National Convention the next day --on son TJs coattails as he was a delegate--google TJ--fun to keep track of a kid going someplace--? future president I like to kid Jim!

01/03/09 08:57 PM #29    

Mark McCrady

the mystery couple is Julie Engler & Tom Sebeck.

01/03/09 11:22 PM #30    

Douglas Smith

Way to go Mark McCrady

01/04/09 09:44 PM #31    

Mark Crimmins

Concratulations Mark. Now I will buy a drink for whomever can find Sebeck and get him to post his information on this site.

01/05/09 11:43 AM #32    

James Grall

I know where Sebek is, I'll hunt up his info.

01/21/09 09:08 AM #33    


Tony Collins

After discussion the other night about classmates that were stricken/deceased/recovering etc., and how we could somehow remember the ones lost this upcoming Fall, I had to share excellent news I got from Dutch when talking to him yesterday. Several had asked about him the other night so without giving alot of detail, (will leave that up to Tom) but suffice to say, they got it all and he is free of any cancer with a next to nothing chance of recurrence. That was truly a relief to hear. So now he can go next door and check a pulse on Powers! TC

01/21/09 02:59 PM #34    

James Grall

Tom and Marcia Sebek


N1720 Walton Rd
Watertown, Wisconsin 53098
Phone: 920-261-9145 Summer

P.O. Box 969
Ear Falls, ON P0V 1T0
Phone: 807-735-2194 after tone 048
Email :

02/13/09 11:47 PM #35    

Martha Avelleyra (Powers )

Here's a thought I'd like to throw out to the planning committee for discussion. And maybe you've already covered this in your conversations.

I assume there is still a courtyard (I hope so) off the commons area(cafeteria). What if we were able to lay a brick (4 altogether) down somewhere in this outside area for Bill, Dick, Mike(Frank) and Tad with each of their names and class year carved as a remembrance and hold a dedication during the weekend reunion? To help cover the cost it could be included in the total fee for the reunion. Like I said, maybe you've talked about something like this. I just thought it would be a way for our class to pay tribute to their memory.

Thanks to all of you who have started the planning. It is a lot of work to pull a reunion together. And thanks to Doug for setting up this forum.

03/22/09 09:24 PM #36    


Tony Collins

Does anybody here remember a Sherry Cook (?sp)that maybe went to Corpus same year as us? I haven't dug out my 8th grade book to see for sure, but I was told today that she is in the re-hab wing at Methodist in DSM with leukemia and a so-so prognosis.

03/23/09 10:52 PM #37    

Jeff Harris


Sherry did attend elementry with us and I believe has battled with cancer previously. I am uncertain if it is in remission or not.

04/05/09 04:41 PM #38    

Steven Hogan

Sherry Cook graduated from Sacred Heart School and then left St. Ed's I believe after her sophmore year. I believe she ended up graduating from Senior High. I know her two brothers live in Ft. Dodge and belong to Sacred Heart Parish. I'm sorry to hear that she is fighting cancer. We'll have to keep her in our prayers.

04/14/09 10:59 AM #39    

Claudia Carr (McKim)

Hello to everyone!
The last time I was in Fort Dodge I saw Sherry she didn't look very well. Its always sad when someone gets ill.
I can't believe that its 30 years wow Where has the time gone.

05/18/09 08:34 AM #40    


Tony Collins

Just FYI for those who do remember Sherry Cook; Dutch called me this morning and said she had passed away this weekend. I found out Friday night that she went to hospice late last week and was going to post that this morning when I got to work, but I guess I was too late. Way too fast. Way too young. (my humble opinion only)

05/20/09 12:49 AM #41    

Douglas Smith

I will add Sherry to the list just like Dick Bradley

05/21/09 10:40 PM #42    

Martha Avelleyra (Powers )

FYI - I just learned from my younger sister
(class of '80) that their classmate Cathy Albright passed away in late March. Her obituary is posted on their class reunion website

07/21/09 10:34 PM #43    

LeeAnn Beam (Gillespie )

Anyone who would like to share a COPY of any memorabilia they have please e-mail,snail mail, or bring w/to the reunion. Pics, programs, ticket stubs,reportcards, etc. -Grade school through hs-baby pics are fun,too..whatever-is appreciated.(don't have to be coming to share!) thanks in advance! LeeAnn Gillespie 2 Gowrie, Ia.50543 or

08/06/09 10:43 AM #44    

Jeff Harris

Help make the class reunion Mass even more special by filling one of the ministry roles at the 4:15 Mass. There is a need for (8) Eucharistic ministers, (2 or 3) lectors, choir members (to sing with the choir), Cantors and greeters to welcome people as they come to Mass.

If you are able to fill in one of these ministries let me know by August 27 at or through this web site.

09/08/09 03:34 PM #45    

David Zinnel

Wish I could have been there! Can anyone email me some pictures of the event so I can catch up. Hope you all survived the hangovers.

11/17/09 08:55 PM #46    

Mona Kitt (Everson )

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone! :)

12/31/09 01:50 PM #47    

David Zinnel

I posted whatever pictures I received from the 30th reunion on my Facebook page if anyone wants to check them out. Happy New Year !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12/07/11 09:19 AM #48    


Tony Collins

FYI, Jim Augustine lost his Mother after a stroke yesterday. Laufersweilers is handling arrangements. I happened to be at Laufersweilers when I found out after returning from burying our last uncle (from the Greatest generation in our family) at CC cemetery only 15 minutes earlier. So, by chance, (and thanks to Dutcher's phone call),  I was fortunate enough to see Jim and Ed there to offer my condolences.  We're all gettin up there. Just thought I'd pass it on to those who MAY even read this (since last post was Zinnel's nearly 2 years ago)  =)

11/26/13 02:44 PM #49    

Maureen Collins (Fischer )

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

06/30/14 09:41 AM #50    


Tony Collins

Just an FYI - Mark Ostbloom's Mom passed away this past weekend. I do not know any funeral or visitation details at this time but thought I'd share the info for any locals that are in FD still. You can most likely find em on the Messenger website or one of the funeral homes. 


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