Missing Classmates




One thing I learned from my mom is    

that everything you do matters, so do
everything for a purpose.
My purpose was to build a site where, though many of us live miles apart.....we can stay connected. It was not "just for the Reunion" but for the times AFTER the reunion. It could be used to connect to those that over the years for whatever the reason you have lost contact........or you want to find somebody that you lost contact with and NOW do not know how to reach them.
It is possible that they maybe registered on the website and once again you can be in contact. Isn't that great?
If they are not here, perhaps I or someone else can find them for you.....would give it a try. If it is a female I would need to have her married name+ her maiden name. We have several that no one has been in contact with them since graduation. They probably have gotten married and well, women lose their identify unlike men.....so I need to have that.




We have no information in our
website database listed below for these Classmates.
These Classmates have never been found....
can YOU help us please? They may have gotten married and changed their name....(likely!) but we would like to include them in ALL things EHS Class of 1956! Were they a friend/neighbor of yours?
Do you have a current name, address for any of them? It is a shame that NO ONE has found them in ALL THESE YEARS!
Hazel Marie Best
Nellie Ann Collins
Iralee Akers Darnbush
Marjorie Mae Davis
Annie Laurie Harris

If you know how to contact anyone on the list, please click on their name and invite them to join our site, or just call them and tell them our class of 1956 has a great new exclusive website and invite them to sign up. If all else fails, contact us with what ever information you have and we'll take it from there. 

You will be considered missing until you have registered!

If you are on the list, click on your name
and create a profile - it's FREE! 



 REACH ONE....or two?




If you ARE HERE OR KNOW SOMEONE ON THIS LIST......CONTACT US! WE DON'T WANT TO LOOSE YOU.......OR ANYONE!  I know that it is hard to forget us, but sometimes someone does...

If you have any information about anyone on this list, please send it to us by clicking 'Contact Us' on the menu bar on the left.

I forward ALL updates to Rosemary Myers for luncheon reminders and to Ted Roy who is in charge of planning our 2012 Reunion.

Now, please keep us updated to your changes in YOUR CURRENT CONTACT INFO!

















Carol Acuff
Phyllis Alder
Carolyn Bailey
John Bailey
Wayne Bailey
Patricia Baird
Wesley Baird
Jimmy Ball
Sample Be Sure And Check This Out =-)
Hazel Best
James Blair
Carol Bowden
Roy Branch
Clayton Brantley
Wilma Breeden
Phyllis Brogden
Wilma Brooks
Richard Cannon
Leighton Carper
Mary Cavalaris
Nancy Claiborne
Jo Ann Clifton
Wanda Cochran
Kay Coleman
George Cradic
Carole Curtis
Iralee Darnbush
Johnny Deck
Dale Dillard
Bernice Doane
Francis Duckett
Sherra Dudley
Gail Duggan
Evelyn Edwards
Gary Eldridge
Jeanette Ezell
Fred Fields
Frances Flynn
Shirley Ford
Barry Giffin
Dorairene Gillenwater
Jerry Graham
Barbara Gregg
Buren Hall
Joe Hamilton
Haskell Harbin
Dorothy Haynes
Edgar Henry
Raymond Hilliard
Charlotte Hodsden
Maureen Holt
Samuel Horme
Robert Humphreys
Evelyn Jones
Francis Julian
John Lord
Annis Maxwell
Alton McKissick
Virginia McPherson
Eleanor Meador
Elizabeth Morgan
Emerson Mounger
James Murphey
Aubrey Needham
Barbara Nelson
Marshall Parker
Ray Proffitt
Jane Quinton
Kiki Regas
Jack Roach
Barbara Robertson
Mary Ann Satterfield
Dorothy Seaman
Rebecca Smith
Wendell Smith
David Sumner
Sylvia Swaggerty
Gerald Swann
Bruce Teasley
Beverly Thomas
Judith Thorton
Mildred Wagner
Ernest Watkins
Sandra Watkins
Barbara Williams
Janice Williams
Gail Willis
Carl Worsham
Ronald Wyrick
Frank Yarnell
Allen York
Max Young

Guest Members

Edward Thomas
Carolyn Walker (Patterson)