Marsha Moore

Profile Updated: January 31, 2014
Residing In: Anderson, IN USA
Occupation: Nurse...LPN
Children: Dakota Storm Moore, born 1995
Favorite School Story:

I remember that one time.....but not at band camp. We were all skipping out of school and was at Linda Kellar's house. We got a phone call stating that some people were on their way to her house to check and see if all of us skippers were there. So we all ran upstairs and out the house and got into different cars. We scattered like roaches when the lights come on. Kellie Coyle and I went back to school for the rest of the day. Which ended up being a good thing. Cuz her mom got word that we were all skipping and she drove up there but seen her car was there so she thought we had been in school all day. We were scared there for a minute.....but we pulled it off!!!

Most Embarrasing Moment:

ok....this is really friend Deanna Burns....i was at her house waiting for her to finish getting ready doing her hair. Her Uncle...Vince Crews was there. Me and half the other girls in the school had a crush on him at that time. He was sitting on the floor playing video games. Deanna wanted me to go to the bathroom while she was fixing her hair to keep her company. So i got up from my chair and i stepped over Vince's leg to pass by. Unbeknownst to me.......without any warning whatsoever.....i farted right in front of his face. My butt was at his face level sitting on the floor. His mouth fell open and i thought i was going to die. I ran to the bathroom (farting along the way, i think). I slammed the door and was laughing so hard i fell in the bath tub. When she got done doing her hair, he was still out there. So i had to do the walk of shame and pass in front of him again. I don't think i ever apologized for that. Sorry Vince....!!!

Who I hung out with:

Kellie Coyle
Linda Kellar
Deanna Burns were the main ones i hung around with. But i like to think that i had made several friends. I can remember hanging out with different people at various times throughout high school....

My favorite teacher/coach was:

Mary Mary Tidd. We still keep in contact and have lunch every year....

Did you do time in "the box?"


What did do to get there?

I don't ever remember. But i liked the box. Gave me a chance to do homework without being distracted. So i would try to get in trouble and have a nice quiet day from time to time to catch up and do homework.

Would you do high school over again if you could?


Anything else you want to tell everyone?

I dropped out my senior year. I ended up finishing at Warren Central. But i graduated with my class. I am glad they let me do it that way. But if i had to do it again.....i would do my senior year at Martinsville.

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Marsha Moore has a birthday today.
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Marsha Moore has a birthday today.
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Marsha Moore has a birthday today.
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Marsha Moore has a birthday today.
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Marsha Moore has a birthday today.
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Hey Tricia....i hope all is well. I am living back in Indiana again. We should do lunch sometime. Let me know if you are up to it.

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Posted: Dec 17, 2013 at 12:48 AM
my son Dakota, Corey Haim and I at the horrorhound convention.