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•   Marsha Dukes (Nygren)  10/9
•   Joseph A Steiner  9/30
•   Craig McWhorter  9/29
•   Kenneth Juan  9/15
•   Lani (Luana) Hench (Gerber)  9/11
•   Shirley Turpin (Abel)  9/10
•   Michael B Floyd  9/5
•   Maureen Dillon (Langenbach)  9/2
•   Patricia L Elton (Hamala)  8/18
•   Max A Johnston  8/17
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1 lives in Alabama
8 live in Arizona
322 live in California
8 live in Colorado
1 lives in District Of Columbia
3 live in Florida
3 live in Hawaii
4 live in Idaho
2 live in Illinois
1 lives in Kansas
1 lives in Massachusetts
1 lives in Michigan
1 lives in Missouri
1 lives in Montana
1 lives in Nebraska
12 live in Nevada
1 lives in New Mexico
2 live in New York
3 live in North Carolina
1 lives in Ohio
1 lives in Oklahoma
14 live in Oregon
3 live in Pennsylvania
1 lives in Rhode Island
3 live in South Carolina
1 lives in Tennessee
7 live in Texas
1 lives in Utah
1 lives in Virginia
25 live in Washington
1 lives in Wisconsin
1 lives in Australia
1 lives in Costa Rica
1 lives in Italy
440 location unknown
111 are deceased


•   Esther Joens (Ruppel)  10/14
•   Christine Cowan (Pratt)  10/18
•   Craig McWhorter  10/18
•   Dorotha Webber (Plowman)  10/18
•   Ray Gilmore  10/20
•   Cynthia J. Trader (Robertson)  10/21
•   Chris Rollins  10/26
•   Michael B Floyd  10/27
•   Jack Timm  10/27
•   John Wiggin  10/27
•   Shannon D Beevers  10/28
•   Janette F Tallant  10/29
•   Valerie Tiedemann (Nance)  10/31
•   Sandra Marek (Chenella)  11/1
•   Lorelei Sander  11/2
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Know the email address of a missing Classmate? Click here to contact them!

Rewind for 10/13/15


Welcome to the Napa High Class of 1965 website!


***Enjoy L@L/2015 pics--added to our 2014 Gallery. Hope some of you will add yours from that day!!

Per our Memory Book Coordinator, Lavon Fagan the memory books and the individual pictures will arrive.  The photographer had to move to a new location and has promised us that our group is at THE TOP OF HIS LIST.!

Marilyn Reid and Lavon are contacting him constantly to keep us as a priority. 

Hey 65-ers & All,
Many thanks to the 42 wonderful attendees,at the 4th Annual L@L/ Sunnyside;yesterday. Maybe not so 'Sunny'-but nice & warm,inside! Hope everyone enjoyed their food,the service,the venue,your conversations & re-connections, with other Guests! Loved seeing each & every one of YOU!!!
Sorry to have to 'boot' you out of the lower dining area @ 3:30! Fortunatly,we aren't charged for the Venue. It's a freebie;due to my hubby being a Seasonal Manager;there! I was hoping more of you, would be able to stay longer,at Sunnyside and enjoy other areas of the Restaurant & Lounge. Wish it'd been milder out on the Deck! Glad a few of you, stayed for more "talk & chill" time.
It was so nice of Pat Simpkins to implement the idea,for contributing to our Website and to L@L;as well. You were all so awesomely generous!!! Thanks,so much-it's truely appreciated! Cudos,again to Pat, for doing such an amazing job of coordinating our Website!
Thanks again for joining us at Sunnyside and adding your Fabulous Energy; to our Annual Event!!! You're all "Terrific Peeps"!!
***If you took pictures,would you please send to me,via my e-mail: and I'll compile & send to the Web Gallery,along with using for the 2015 "Collage of Fun"!!!
Happy Upcoming Holidays to All! Please stay in touch. Keep Well & Healthy!
Your Tahoe Connection,
Kris (Miller) Digges (530)546-8606

Join other Napa High 65ers at our first-ever "65er Breakfast Club"!

Here are the particulars:

When: The first Thursday of each month, starting October 1, 2015.

Where: Black Bear Restaurant on Soscol Ave, Napa

Time: 9:00 A.M.

No need to RSVP...just show up! Hope to see you Oct.1 and on subsequent first Thursdays!

Your 65er event planners: Marilyn, Tom, and Ken

65er Compadres Rio Grille dinner!

When: Saturday night, February 13, 2016

Time: 6:00 P.M. gathering (no-host cocktails)...buffet at 7:00 P.M

Location: Compadres Rio Grille, Lincoln Ave, Napa

What: fajitas includes: chicken breast/steak fajitas with all the condiments; caesar salad; grilled chile rellenos; seasonal veggie and cheese enchilada casserole; refritos y negras (black bean refried beans...yum!); and sauteed seasonal veggies.

Coffee, tea, sodas, and lemonade included in price.

Cost: $35...that includes taxes/gratuity.

Send check made out to "Marilyn Reid" to 550 East Spring Street, Napa, CA 94559

Hope you plan to attend!!

Your 65er event planners: Marilyn, Tom, and Ken

P.S. We need 35 attendees to get the big room, bar, and koi deck! Come one, come all! :)