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•   Viola Elliott (Hale)  7/23
•   Frederick Date  7/25
•   John B Wallace  7/29
•   Curtis Faville  7/30
•   Sherri King (Rush)  8/2
•   Sue A Meister (Edwards)  8/3
•   Jack Julian  8/5
•   Richard C Smith  8/5
•   Donald A Kleid  8/7
•   Nancy Miller (Mead)  8/12
•   Marilyn Corak (Blue)  8/15
•   Henry Longoria  8/17
•   Kristen Sander (Mercer)  8/17
•   Joyce Heid (Wiggin)  8/21
•   Max A Johnston  8/21
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Welcome to the Napa High Class of 1965 website!

I hope that everyone is aware of the grievous errors made by the NVUSD Board of Trustees that have led us generating a recall of all 7 of the members. The below information will give you links to the Facebook page that will give you more information on our reason for their removals. And also how you can help us get signatures on the petitions or how you can assist with contributions if you do not reside in the school district or even reside outside of Napa or even in another state.

Well, the petitions to Recall the NVUSD Board of Trustees are ready to go to print and then put out for signatures. I know that many of you have expressed a desire to help us and now is definitely the time. We desperately need people willing to come to a short (maybe 1hr) training class on how to get people to sign the petitions and rules about this process. We want people to work in groups of at least three or four. We ask that people be willing to be work for a minimum of 4 hours. We want to have various locations for the next 112 days. We have until Nov 21st to get 10,000 signatures on each petition for each of the 7 board members. It sounds very daunting, but if one person will sign all 7 petitions, it will be relatively easy and successful. So, in essence if we get, say 100 people each day to sign all 7 petitions, we have it made. Please call or text me at 337-0513 with your contact information or email me at with your contact information. If you have friends you think might want to help, please urge them to contact me. If we fail to get the required number of votes, then the board will win and all our efforts to help the students in our school district will be in vain. PLEASE volunteer to help us either personally or by getting others to volunteer. I will have more information about locations in a few days. We are looking at the possibility of having a booth at the Farmer's Market and also at the upcoming Fair in August as well as high traffic locations around town. I know that many of you live out of town and can't physically help, but any donations would be greatly appreciated as we will be incurring the expense of printing the petitions. If you wish to contribute, please go to the following Facebook page for the ability to donate through a PayPal or GoFundMe link. You will need to scroll down to the section with the Recall NVUSD Contribution Form. Thank you ever so much for any and all assistance you are able to provide.


"70th 65er Birthday Party"!!

Date: Saturday, August 5,2017  

Location: Hop Creek Pub, Browns Valley Shopping Center, Napa...**on the patio**

Time:  4:00 P.M.    

Particulars:  $20...appetizers...send check to: Ken Juan, 1460 Laredo Street, Napa, CA 94559

**No host bar**..We will be celebrating our 70th birthdays!  Could that mean "cake"??  :)      


The following classmates/spouses/friends are attending so far (7/22/2017):

Dawn (Hershey) Clark and George Clark, Lavon (Sanza) Fagan and Dennis Henry, Rosemarie (Munson) Bettinelli and Walt Price, Tom and Diana Fish, Jerry and Jeanne Tipton, Mike and Sylvia Amen, Marti and Ken Juan, Sara (Barrios) Turley, Linda Asbury, Ric Smith and Joanie, Lynette Van Deusen, Bill Simpson, Leo Kozlowski, Jim and Linda Bell, Ted Tyson, Ed and Pat Valenzuela, Don Kleid, Bill and Merrilee Newton, Greg Marvin, John and Joyce (Heid) Wiggin, Brenda (Conatser) Luntey and Jack Luntey, Linda Clerici, Kathy (Wilkens) McConnell and Don McConnell, Don Perry, "yours truly" (Marilyn), and Melodie Smith!

                                HOPE YOU PLAN TO JOIN US!!!  GONNA BE LOTS OF FUN!!










                                 HOPE YOU PLAN TO JOIN US!!





Join other Napa High 65ers at our first-ever "65er Breakfast Club"!

Here are the particulars:

When: The first Thursday of each month, starting October 1, 2015.

Where: Black Bear Restaurant on Soscol Ave, Napa

Time: 9:00 A.M.

No need to RSVP...just show up! 

Your 65er event planners: Marilyn, Tom, and Ken