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Janet Bennett
Residing In: Blanchard, OK USA
Occupation: Legal Assistant
Yes! Attending Reunion

I was born a poor black child… Oh, wait, that’s not my story is it? Ok, let’s start over.

May, 1978 high school graduation, what happened next? Well, I headed off to OU to tackle the world. I soon discovered, (ok, so it was 3 years later), after passing all those music courses and proficiency tests that there was no way I wanted to be an educator. Options? Let’s see… I really wasn’t that much into Broadway and opera definitely was just not my thing! Thus, I made an appointment with my advisor, and asked the important question, “What degree can I get that will get me out of college in the smallest amount of time?” After a lot of soul searching, I set on a course to actually make it through school. NO, I didn’t get a basket weaving degree! In 1983, I did graduate and they did hand me a diploma. Therefore, yes, I’m SOONER born, SOONER bred and when I die, I’ll be SOONER dead!

Even though I could have obtained a masters degree in one year post graduation, I was so sick of school, I decided to join the work force. (Why doesn’t youth realize that once they start working they do it forever?) I have for the past thirteen years and am currently working for a major OKC law firm as an aviation legal liaison.

I also raise American Quarter Horses and assist (that means I pay the bills) for my nephew (pseudo son – because I’ve help raise him) in the show arena. No, we don’t race ‘em!

Music you say, what happened with that? Well, my guitar has gathered a lot of dust in the last few years and I haven’t picked up drum sticks for many eons. I have been a part of singing groups, gospel groups, (was even privileged to sing in a group with one of the members of Point of Grace --before their discovery of course), and have been known to jam a little. I still write occasionally, but for my own personal therapy – and most likely the one who could stand it these days!

God has blessed me in spades with a very special family. Some have passed from this earth, but I am promised to be reunited with them again someday and have faith that I will do so.

For the most part my philosophy in life is from that famous saying: Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in one pretty, well-preserved piece, but to slide in broadside, thoroughly used up, worn out and shouting, “WOW… What A Ride!”

School Story:

There are so many memories from childhood and high school.

I’m one of those that started kindergarten at Council Grove, 1st – 3rd grade at Will Rogers, 4th-6th at John Glenn and on to WHHS Jr & Sr High. I remember chasing and running from Jeff Folks in kindergarten and he finally caught me and planted a first kiss on me. At Will Rogers my favorite friends were Charlotte Lakin, Ginger Morse, and Willa Rogers. We were like peas in a pod. At John Glenn, I found a best friend in Pam Turner and we had many years of softball together. We were a very competitive team, Pam was the pitcher, Leslie Thrasher played 1st, Paula Vinson played 2nd, Robin Turner played 3rd, I was shortstop. My dad, for a couple of years, coached us and we enjoyed post-season play every year. Also at John Glenn, in 6th grade I was chosen to play the lead in the school play. I played Charlie Brown.

I remember band, choir, stage band, football games. Come to think of it, I’m not sure how many days I actually went to school my senior year, because I went on so many school trips. I got to see a lot of the US during school. Galveston, Atlanta, Nashville, San Diego, Denver, St. Louis, Houston, etc; these are the only cities I can remember just off the top of my head, but I know I loved traveling with my friends.

I had my own little band called Saffire. We consisted of myself, Nancy Pennington, Billy Kickertz, Terry Holiday, Jon Mullican, and Todd Thompson. For kids 15 to 18 years of age, we played a paying gig at least once a month. I so loved music!

I stepped in a hole my sophomore year on my way to band practices, rolled over the bass drum and shattered a tooth. That homecoming football game was the only game I didn’t march my entire high school career. That same year I got to sing a song I wrote on Danny’s Day.

I have so many memories flooding my mind and I could probably go all day. But all in all I had a great time at that age and I’m so glad to know that the best is still yet to come!

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Then '78
Posted: Mar 06, 2014 at 11:00 PM
Posted: Mar 06, 2014 at 11:00 PM
John Glenn Rebels 1973
Front Row: Paula Vinson, Janet Bennett, Lisa Montgomery, Dana Montgomery, Robin Turner, Marla Noak, Kim Milgrim.
Second Row: Mike Bennett, Jo Bennett, Donna Bird, Pam Turner, Lisa Krieg, Leslie Thrasher, Ladonna Hardesty, Ruth Scholle, Lori Hardesty, Coach - Bob Bennett.
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Pam Turner and Janet Bennett - 1972
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Senior Day - Sunshine 6 Kim Lindsay, Tonya Price, Karen, Wilson, Janet Bennett, Pam Turner (not pictured) Leslie Thrasher.
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Saffire - 1977 - Back Row: Cindy Moore, Jon Mullican, Ken Hines. Middle Row: Terry Holiday, Todd Thompson. Front Row: Janet Bennett, Billy Kickertz and Nancy Pennington.
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WHHS 1978 Senior Class Pictorial