David Dobson

Profile Updated: November 18, 2008
David Dobson
Residing In: Jamestown, LA USA
Spouse/Partner: none
Homepage: www.myspace.com/adonis1970
Occupation: Electronic Engineer
Children: Timothy Allen Guiterrez, born 1992

Yes! Attending Reunion

joined Marines after high school, toured the world, spent most of that time overseas, was in Desert Shield, Desert Storm. Lived in Japan, Spain, Mexico at various times. Now I am back home, go figure. Got married once, got divorced. Got engaged again but the booze wore off. What else ya wanna know?

School Story:

Ever since I got that little post card in the mail, I have been trying to remember some of the good times from school. Truth be told, I didn't hang out with very many seniors, and senior year was the only year that I attended Ringgold. I remember the weekends riding around town in my junky yellow and white Ford truck, I think it was as old as Benjamin Franklin. I was also sporting the '80s mullet, the type of which makes you the social outcast. Needless to say, I wasn't very popular. I did have a couple of friends that remember some funny stories with. I remember riding thru the back roads around Jamestown looking for Luger. I also remember talking trash to Tommy Leon trying to get him to race his old Dodge against my old Ford. That would have been a heck of a race! The pine cone wars over at David Conly's house. I wish I had more time back in those days to get to know the rest of you. The times I remember were good times.

Are you doing now what you thought you would be when you graduated? How's it different?

I really had no direction when I graduated, so working in places like Africa is pretty mind-boggling.

If you could build a second house or move anywhere, where would it be?

Northern Ireland or Scotland.

What was the last CD you bought or song you downloaded?

Belinda Carlisle the CD is Voila

What states/countries have you lived in?

States are California and good ole Louisiana. Countries are Okinawa, Japan then Cebu City, Philipines, next would be Stone Haven, Scotland, and the last country I lived in was Veracruz, Mexico.

What's your favorite vacation spot?

upstate Michigan would be the one that I visit the most, but I cant get enough of the Caribbean.

Ever swam in the ocean? Details?

many, many, many times. There is a navel tradition that when one crosses the equator for the first time they will stop the ship at the equator for a couple of days, and all the guys that have not crossed it yet would then have to jump off the ship on one side of the equator and swim until they cross it. Then it was a couple of days of frat like hell week activities. But it was a right of passage.

Ever karaoke? Details?

yes, it was too horrible for details, I think some people actually went deaf.

Ever laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose? Details?

that would be yes too, and agian the details would be too horrible. And it is related to the karaoke night.

Ever danced your heart out? Details?

no, my heart is still in my chest the last I looked.

Body piercings? (Besides ears) Details?

Yes, but this a family type place and even though I had it for years, it is gone now.

Tattoos? Of What?

I have a huge tattoo on my back that goes from shoulder to shoulder. It is a celtic tattoo that when translated means phantom rebel leader. On the inside of my right arm is a japanese symble for crystal. Crystal is a name of a woman that once held my heart. And finally on my chest is the oldest of my tats, going back to December 1988. Its simply a tweety bird.

Ever steal traffic signs? Details?

yes, but for the sake of statutes of limitations I will not provide details.

Ever been on TV or in a movie?

A couple of my photographs have been on CNN and KSLA. Back in Desert Storm I was interviewed by journalist but I dont know if it made it to tv. And there is a story about a used car, 100 pounds of pot, and me turning it in.

When was the last time you belly laughed?

not quite sure what a belly laugh is, someone will have to help me out with that one.

Have you ever met someone famous? Details?

all the time, I travel alot and meet all kinds of people.

Ever been in a car accident? Details?

yes, had my neck broken from someone else driving like an ass. I had only one that was my fault with me driving, I hit a raccoon. Dont laugh, but it caused 3700 bucks worth of damage to my car!

Have any nicknames?

I have been called all sorts of things.

What makes you laugh?

I laugh everyday, it doesnt matter, if you have joy then you laugh.

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