Tony Grigg

Profile Updated: February 19, 2009
Tony Grigg
Residing In: ringgold, LA USA
Spouse/Partner: Carolyn
Occupation: maintenance supervisor
Children: Austin-14, Christopher-12, Joshua-4, Jacob-2
Yes! Attending Reunion

After graduation I went to work mechanicing, got married, I had engough of Louisiana we moved to Arkansas after first son was born in 94. It did not take long to get enough of Arkansas, moved back to shreveport, christipher was born in 96. I went to work for the local Caterpillar dealer. I got devorced in 98. I went to work in a coal mine as a mechanic, I worked my way to supervisor in 06. I met my current wife in 01 at wal-mart of all places, we have two boys, Joushua-4, Jacob-2. We ride motorcycles and camp alot. I still love to hunt and fish so does she.

Are you doing now what you thought you would be when you graduated? How's it different?

No, I thought I wanted to be a farmer. Done that for a while, did grow big enough to become self sufficant.

If you could build a second house or move anywhere, where would it be?

North of Reno

What was the last CD you bought or song you downloaded?


What states/countries have you lived in?


What's your favorite vacation spot?

Carlsbad Caverns

Ever swam in the ocean? Details?

yes, Went on cruise to Cozumel, It was ok.

Ever karaoke? Details?

I don't sing in my shower much less in public.

Ever laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose? Details?

Milk hurts on the way out. Watching my two oldest kids race eating cereal, the oldest trying to cheat so he could beat his younger brother.

Ever danced your heart out? Details?

yes, At the whispering pines when we thought we were grown ups. Garth Brooks was a not a household name yet.

Body piercings? (Besides ears) Details?

None that were made to hold jewelry.

Tattoos? Of What?

none yet

Ever steal traffic signs? Details?

The yellow curve signs make good boat road markers, i will say no more.

Ever been on TV or in a movie?

When the tornado tore down the supermarket north of town it also destroyed a shop owned by a family friend we were cleaning up the parts when channel 3 news crew shot footage for the nightly news.

When was the last time you belly laughed?

Today, I'm in atlanta killing time go in a georgia sports wear store and ask the worker for LSU items, they took it well.

Have you ever met someone famous? Details?

Kevin Costner is it.

Ever been in a car accident? Details?

Twice, they weren't very serious.

Have any nicknames?

The Babe, given to me by coworkers I was the yougest mechanic they had ever hired, It has stuck, they still call me that ten years later.

What makes you laugh?

Watching my five and three year old when I get them in a large bed of bream, you would have thought they were catching whales.

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Tony Grigg has a birthday today.
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