Rhonda Tipton Hoffman

Profile Updated: May 17, 2009
Rhonda Tipton
Residing In: Big Spring, TX USA
Spouse/Partner: Ladd Hoffman
Occupation: homemaker/homeschool teacher
Children: Lincoln Crea Hoffman, 3-18-99
Levi Cort Hoffman, 9-6-01
Legend Cy Hoffman, 8-4-05
Yes! Attending Reunion

After high school I went to Northwestern and finished my first Degree in Elementary Education. I taught in the class room for three years and then went back to school for my Master in Education/School Counseling. I worked as a counselor for three or four years -- I can't remember. I was a late bloomer and didn't meet and marry Ladd until I was 24. Our first blessing, Lincoln, was born in 99. Levi came along in 01 and then Legend in 05. I have been home with the children now for 9 years. It was a huge adjustment in many ways, but I see the benefits and blessings daily. I teach the boys at home. We enjoy the flexibility of homeschooling. Ladd is a general surgery resident here in San Antonio. He works at least 80 hours a week -- usually more, so we work around his schedule with our school work. The older boys are also doing great in piano. You should here them play! Mrs. Glenda, my piano teacher, was impressed with them.

Ladd and I have been able to travel some since we married. We have a heart for international people. We have friends in Australia, Lebanon, Russia, Mexico, Moldova and China. We have been to Russia and Mexico and are planning a trip to China in 09. We hosted two college students, from Moldova, for two years as they were here studying. We learned alot about parenting for that age! It seems that there is a disconnect from their ears to their brains. We had a full house and I stayed super busy with schooling the younger ones and trying to keep everyone fed. The population in the Hoffman household is back down to 5 -- much more manageable.

Ladd finishes residency in June and we will move to Big Spring, TX (4 hours west of Dallas on I20). He will have his first "real" job as a surgeon. We are all so ready for residency to be over! I'm not sure what God has in store for us there. The house we were in the process of buying burned to the ground the day after we signed papers to get the process started. We took that as a definate "no" from God and are praying about the next steps.

School Story:

I enjoyed music/band. I also enjoyed working on the yearbook -- designing the pages. After being in the classroom myself as a teacher, I see all of our teachers as saints to have put up with us! Thank goodness we grow up (well at least most of us). I am also realizing that I have selective memory for many of my school years. Not sure if that is a good thing or not!?

Are you doing now what you thought you would be when you graduated? How's it different?

Yes! I love being a mom. God has blessed me with three beautiful - yes, beautiful boys. We are working hard to train them up in the Lord. I can't say I planned on homeschooling when I was in high school. After teaching in the public classroom, I began to consider homeschooling. Ladd is also a former math teacher, so we feel we have a strong foundation for teaching our boys.

If you could build a second house or move anywhere, where would it be?

I am currently living in a barn, so I know right where I would build a house!! The day after we signed papers to buy this house and five acres in Big Spring, TX, the house burned to the ground. We are living in the barn on the property. Its not all bad. I have a new kitchen, washer/dryer, and we even have our grand piano in the barn. The new house will be up on the hill -- some day.

What was the last CD you bought or song you downloaded?

Point of Grace Christmas. I am still in the "Flintstones" age -- I don't know how to download songs.

What states/countries have you lived in?

Kazakhstan, SSR (two months during college)

What's your favorite vacation spot?


Ever danced your heart out? Details?

thankfully no one was watching

Body piercings? (Besides ears) Details?

don't like pain

Tattoos? Of What?

too chicken

Ever steal traffic signs? Details?

Russell, I'm not telling -- so you don't either!

Ever been on TV or in a movie?

In Shreveport we were members of Broadmoor Baptist Church. I was able to sing solos every once in a while and they televised the services.

Have you ever met someone famous? Details?

We know Jodi Nix. He is in our Sunday School class. He was recently inducted into the Texas Swing Hall of Fame. A neat person with a gentle spirit.

Our local college, Howard College, baseball team just set the record for the most wins with no losses in a season. They finished 57 - 0!! We know one of the kids on the team. They will play May 24 - 25 in Grand Junction Colorado at the Junior College World Series.

Ever been in a car accident? Details?

On the paper route in the 8th grade.
Hit once by a police men.
In the parking lot of my dorm at Northwestern.

Either Daddy or Ronald came to drag me home.

Have any nicknames?

Rhuna Mae
Sometimes Ladd calls me by both my first name and middle name -- Rhonda Carol

What makes you laugh?

When my boys get tickled -- especially Levi. He has a happy face and eyes.

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