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Let's celebrate our 70's and eat cake!! We are having a birthday gathering for HHS Class of 67 and any friends that would like to join us. Most of us are already 70+ and the rest will turn 70 before the end of the year. Mark your calendar and save the date, November 24th! Here are the details:

  • Place is Blanco BBQ, 13259 Blanco Rd, San Antonio TX 78216.
  • Date is Sunday,11/24/19. (Sunday before Thanksgiving.)
  • Time is from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM. Food and utensils will be cleared away at 8:00 PM.
  • Cost is $5.00 per head, payable as you enter our reserved room.
  • Food will be BBQ, cake and tea. Acohol is not included, but you can purchase there. We are not allowed to bring our own bottle!
  • RSVP please! We must know the week before to preorder the food.
  • If you have any questions, please contact us for clarification.


Current list of RSVPs that have responded they are attending the November 24th gathering. If you are going and don't see your name on this list, please contact us. List will be updated periodically:

Carolyn Leahy Bell

Judy Schroller Best and spouse

Milton Wayne Blanchard

Charlotte Moody Boord

James Bourland

Nancy Brown

Butch Byrom

Edie Faribault Canby

John Caroll and spouse

Julian Cavazos

Mickey Chadwell plus one

Ruth Cockerham plus one

Tommy Crain

Ann Martin Crowley

Jimmy DeFrain and spouse

Robert Driskill

Martha Mahavier Gaenzel and spouse

Mimi Gill Garver/Dave Garver

Jeanne Dupont Grassmuck/Gary Grassmuck

Linda Ellis Green and spouse

Virginia Whal Guenther

Frank Guerrero and spouse

Dan Holub and spouse

Betty Ryan Herring/James Herring

Roger Howard and spouse

Lanell Boezinger Jones

Elaine Jenkins Kischefsky

Bobby Laxson

Richard Leahy and spouse

Frieda Lochbaum Lively and spouse

Larry Luckett

David Manny and spouse

Trudy Bartosh McCarty

Mary Farley Most

Gail Thomas Passons

Art Penaloza and spouse

Stuart Pippin 

CW Pryor and spouse

Paula Breed Reno/Isaac Reno

Sylvia Lozano Rodela and friend

Edna Cheney Roof and spouse

Erline Cone Russell

Kris Farmer Satterfield

Linda Bundick Snow and friend

Cathy Lothringer Spears/Shelton Spears

Lucky Cloud Stowe

Susan Torchia

Bill Tuch

Bobby Utz and spouse

Judie Clark Wenske

Cris Williams

Sandy Henry Williamson

Angie Robles Zuniga and spouse 



The PaulaTwist      Fifty years ago May 26, 1967, we completed high school and ventured out into the world. We pursued many different professions and a wide variety of experiences. May 26, 2017, many of us came together to celebrate at our 50th reunion. It was truly heartwarming to witness alumni visiting, laughing, dancing and letting it all hang out! We left El Tropicano with funfilled memory banks.

Fiesta Fifty was a success. Many, many thanks go out to all our committee and decoration members, without whom this would not have happened. I can't thank this fun loving crew enough.

Typically, we have a special guest of honor at our reunions. This reunion, we all were the special guests. Fifty years, wow! Walk Tall Highlands Owls.......

Paula Breed Reno




Fifty years has come and gone and many of us are still lucky enough to be hanging around. If you were unable to attend our 50th anniversary reunion last year, I urge you to visit the "50th Reunion" link to view the pictures. If you have not yet registered on this website, feel free to use the "Contact Us" link and someone will be happy to get you registered. (We accept guest requests.) Our goal is to stay connected by sharing stories, pictures, and upcoming events. If you are no longer local and plan to come to San Antonio for a visit, feel free to let us know and we can organize an impromtu lunch/supper gathering. Everyone of us is unique and living our lives in our own way, which makes our class special. Everyone of us is also dealing with our own aches, pains, illnesses, sorrows, and emotional issues. So keep our alumni in your thoughts and prayers as we continue our daily journey. Walk Tall Class of 1967!

This website was created for the benefit of the Highlands Class of 1967. Most content on this website can be viewed by anyone. Private info such as address, emails, and telephone numbers are not publicly displayed under alumni's names, even to members. Please message us if you would like to be added as a guest on our site.

Our intent is to share memories and information with our alumni. In order to avoid controversy, please refrain from political and religious opinions and arguments. We are a diverse group with varying beliefs. So have fun and be kind. smiley




If you are a Class of 67 alumni and have a Facebook account, come join us on   (This Facebook group page is Closed and only available for 67 alumni.)



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