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02/25/09 06:51 PM #326    

Jamie Gartman

It's possible she could be one of the few who like both teams. But I do remember her rooting for the Cards because we talked about it a lot during the Series. It was one of the things that made her one of my favorites.

But knowing your knowledge and incredible memory on such things, I'll concede that she rooted for the Royals too. Like I said before, she did move from here to KC so that would make sense. It might be where she was from.

02/25/09 08:09 PM #327    

Kathy Flynt (James)

I thought she was a Royals fan too, because she was from Kansas City or somewhere around there and I think she went to college there too. She's back teaching in the Kansas City school district and I've been trying to get in touch with her but haven't been able to.

02/26/09 06:40 AM #328    

Jon Paul Anderton

She was a Royals Fan, because she LOVED George Brett.

02/26/09 11:15 AM #329    


Aaron Wilson

Does anyone remember this joke...

Q: Do you know why they had to chisel George Brett off the bench?

A: Because he got his pine tar mixed in with his Preparation H.

I know - pretty corny... but I do remember that being THE joke of the time. Remember the pine tar? Oh, and the Preparation H reference here.

02/26/09 02:07 PM #330    

Jamie Gartman

OK! OK! She was a Royals fan. Quit piling on the underclassman! She DID root for the Cards in the Series. And I do remember both the pine tar and hemmoroid incidents. I guess that makes George Brett the first to "roid up". Now THAT was corny!

Ok, next issue. Who remembers Otay Jeans?

02/26/09 02:45 PM #331    


Aaron Wilson

Your joke was funnier than mine. "Otay Jeans"... can't recall... did they have anything to do with the Buckwheat fad that ran for awhile? BTW... thanks for helping breathe some life into this forum, underclassman or not.

02/26/09 10:27 PM #332    

Jon Paul Anderton

Anybody got a report on Kenny the last day or so.

02/26/09 11:37 PM #333    


Aaron Wilson

I haven't, JP. I thought about calling him today... hate to disturb him though if he's having a tough recovery. I may call tomorrow anyway. I'll let you all know if I talk to him.

02/27/09 10:46 AM #334    


Aaron Wilson

Kenny is home & doing well!

I talked to him by phone this morning. He was released Wednesday evening with one steel rod, two screws & some scrapes & swellings. :)

He's getting around on crutches pretty well & should have full use of his leg soon. He said he appreciates the prayers.

03/02/09 06:38 AM #335    

Jon Paul Anderton

I just read the letter to Belindas parents, I don't know how you could have written it any different or better. Good job Aaron.

03/03/09 01:02 PM #336    

Jamie Gartman

Ok, time's up.

Aaron, you are right. Otay Jeans is a Buckwheat thing. Specifically, an Eddie Murphy SNL Buckwheat thing. They did this parody of those pretentious Calvin Klien commercials. The camera starts at the feet and pans up but instead of it being a model it's Buckwheat wearing Otay Jeans.

The next Monday at school, several girls were wearing jeans with "Otay" taped over the label. Of course by "several", I mean "more than one". I think the fad lasted all of about 3 periods. Then it had to make way for break dancing.

03/05/09 07:28 PM #337    

Jon Paul Anderton

OK, let's try to get this forum going. What is everybody going to do for Spring Break, vacation, lake, camping, traveling or what.

03/06/09 12:06 PM #338    

Bridget Sterrett (Felstead)

Well JP, unfortunately I will be working. My kids are looking forward to sleeping in. We have plans this summer to go camping. What about you???

03/07/09 07:01 PM #339    

Jon Paul Anderton

Well my wife is recovering from ankle surgery, so we won't do much I'll probably take the kids fishing or something.

03/08/09 04:23 PM #340    


Aaron Wilson

I think we're gonna try to take an early summer vacation to the Gulf Shores area again. Anita has an aunt that lives down there & offers us free room & board! :)

We went last year & had a great time. It was our first real "official" family vacation with all four kids.

And we actually survived.

03/08/09 11:28 PM #341    

Kathy Flynt (James)

Aaron, you and Anita may need to take a vacation when you get back from your vacation...

03/09/09 10:40 AM #342    


Aaron Wilson

I know what you mean Kathy!

You know, actually Anita & I were really suprised b/c we expected to be exhausted when we returned last summer, but we weren't. I think it helped that we were pretty laid back the whole week... we didn't try to do too much at once. The children were obedient & did very well - even during the outlet mall shopping day! LOL!

03/09/09 02:04 PM #343    

Bridget Sterrett (Felstead)

Hey Aaron, do you know of any reasonable places to stay in that area. We have never been but I think my family would enjoy it. Let me know. I need all the help I can get!!!!

03/09/09 09:00 PM #344    

Jon Paul Anderton

The thing about taking a vacation is give yourself at least one day at home before you go back to work. You will be tired all week if you don't.

03/25/09 12:13 PM #345    


Aaron Wilson

Bridget - we've really never priced any lodging down there since we've stayed with family. You might ask some of the guys on the Jacket-House Forum...they seem to be frequent vacationers to that area.

JP - you're right - you need a vacation AFTER the vacation!

03/29/09 05:00 PM #346    


Aaron Wilson

Please use the NEW Message Forum for all new discussions/comments.

04/06/09 11:18 PM #347    

Jon Paul Anderton

Maybe its just me, but I don't think I like the new message forum. Sorry.

05/10/09 05:43 PM #348    


Aaron Wilson

Please remember Laith Adams ('89) and family in your prayers. His wife, Andrea Isaac ('91) died Sunday morning after battling cancer. Funeral arrangements are still pending, but will be available here.

Also, Laurette Lankford's father passed away last week, I know she'd appreciate your prayers as well. My apologies for not posting this last week. You may sign the guestbook and read the obituary for Mr. Lankford here.

12/08/09 11:28 AM #349    

Brian O'Bar

Merry Christmas Everyone & Happy New Year!

08/27/13 07:08 PM #350    


Charla Bryant (Holmes)

There is a planning meeting at Misty's in September to work on our 25 year Reunion.

Our reunion will be Saturday, November 2, 2013 at Sheridan Country Club.  If you are on Facebook, look up Sheridan Class of 1988.

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