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Dale Sturgeon
I have one son, Cash Allen Sturgeon, who is 23 years of age, and recently graduated from Iowa State University, in Engineering, married nearly two years and providing a 7th or 8th Grandbaby this April. Two step-daughters, Alyssa and Skylynn, who is providing the 8th or 7th Grandbaby this April. Currently we have 6 grandbabies, all wonderful, social, beautiful, talented, geniuses. Not at all like me.
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Seems like I am always a day late and a dollar plus inflationary increases short, but happy birthday Bruce.

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What's Your Story ?

I don't know, yet, what my story will be. So far, the first several chapters, are lots of ups and a few downs, averaging out to a currently very satisfying and happy life. I will have to wait to read the rest of my story some years from now, I hope. [delete doubts]

Life has only gotten better. 6 Grandbabies and all doing great and two more will be added by next April. Dale and I have been enjoying the lack of Winter, so we can play tennis and walk and sweat and stay alive and enjoy doing it. [staying alive, I meant. Get your mind out of the gutter]

What Words Of Wisdom Would You Give The 2011 East High School Graduating Class ?

Keep learning, never stop. To do that, keep your mind open. Nothing is absolutely true.

A few things, however, are absolutely false. Those are easy to identify, just listen to Rush or watch FOX, then do a mind cleanse by reading a decent history book, it will be okay again.

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Dad and Mom, Ralph and Thelma Sturgeon
Young Love
Joined as one
Life is a beach
The Sturgeon clan circa 1950s
Daddys don't let your Sons grow up to be lawyers
Times Square at Fort Myers Beach
Traveling to the nearby tennis courts, Fort Myers Beach
Wonderful wife, Dale, and wonderful daughter-in-law, Olivia, Fort Myers Beach
First vacation, in Washington, DC
Santa at the Mall
Still young Love