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03/05/09 08:19 PM #1902    

Lori Cameron (Prim)

Tommy - thank you.



03/11/09 07:43 AM #1903    

Joyce Nobles


03/13/09 01:28 PM #1904    

Katie Due (O'Connor)

Thanks Joyce :)

03/13/09 07:35 PM #1905    

Kelly Dickey (Culpepper)

Since so many people have migrated over to Facebook, I've created a group over there for us. We can use it to post messages like these, share pictures and post events that we want to invite everyone to attend. Facebook is free to join and a lot of fun.

Come check it out:
Friends of DWHS Class of 88

03/18/09 09:00 PM #1906    

Tommy Sheppard

Man, darned near a half year has passed since the reuinion....4.65 years til the 25...

03/19/09 12:48 PM #1907    

Rayanne Griffin (Tobey)

Mrs. Davis is retiring this year. There will be a reception for her at Robertson, in the library, on May 3rd (Sunday) from 2 - 4. She would love to see you! She asked about alot of you. I told her I would post this. So, please pass this around. Thanks

03/20/09 11:04 PM #1908    

Carla Cook (Chasteen)

Rayanne-thanx for the heads up on this. Mrs. Davis has always been my very favorite teacher and I think of her often. Cant wait to see her.

03/29/09 09:36 AM #1909    

Joyce Nobles

happy birthday rayanne, i hope you have a wonderful day. miss you lots.

03/29/09 09:47 PM #1910    

Kelli Reese (Hatten)

happy birthday Rayanne!!

04/01/09 08:20 PM #1911    

Tommy Sheppard

Happy belated 50th Ray Ray!

04/03/09 02:12 PM #1912    

Joyce Nobles

wow, rayanne, i had no idea you were 50.  that explains a lot of things.......hehehehehee

04/05/09 09:59 AM #1913    

Joyce Nobles

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CARLA, i hope you have a very wonderful day.

05/04/09 09:15 AM #1914    

Joyce Nobles


05/04/09 12:38 PM #1915    

Rayanne Griffin (Tobey)

happy birthday, happy monday. Hope all is well. I'll check back more often. Mrs. Davis' retirement party was fun, there were lots of people there even if it was a million degrees in the cafeteria. The old tree on the right side of the playground is now a coss chainsaw sculpture. Ms. Davis looked great, I got a pic of my little brother with her. Ms. Mack was there as well as Ms. Owens and Mr. Bridges.

05/04/09 12:40 PM #1916    

Rayanne Griffin (Tobey)

Mary Stewart and David Lovell you both had email bounces if you lurk here. If someone talks to them let us know and we'll change their email if we need too.

05/05/09 03:30 PM #1917    

Kelly Dickey (Culpepper)

Mary hasn't been near a computer since she had her daughter last November. LOL I just talked to her last week. I keep trying to tell her she needs to have internet access at home!

Anyone got any ideas to liven this place up?

05/09/09 05:28 PM #1918    

Tommy Sheppard

This is absolutely sad folks!


05/12/09 08:09 AM #1919    

Rayanne Griffin (Tobey)

No Kelly, perhaps we need to start posting salacious stories about classmates who didn't come to the reunion or ones who were there????? Hope everyone is well. We need to finish the video and get it out, that might help. I may have some more free time soon (more than I'd like) I'll call you in a couple of days to talk about it.

05/13/09 03:25 PM #1920    

Kelly Dickey (Culpepper)

Do you mean stories like the one I heard at the reunion about how Jason Starling joined a cult that doesn't allow him to associate with people who wear blue? Oh wait! I made that one up!

09/03/09 08:34 PM #1921    

Tommy Sheppard

facebook has totally screwed this website over

10/18/09 08:36 PM #1922    

Kelly Dickey (Culpepper)

Yes, Tommy it has. If you or anyone else can think of a topic of conversation that might draw everyone back, let me know. I could send out an e-mail announcement. LOL

12/22/09 03:30 PM #1923    

Stacy Koch (Narrin)

Merry Christmas everyone!!

01/27/10 01:05 PM #1924    

Tommy Sheppard

Happy Birthday Stacey Narrin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

02/04/10 02:08 PM #1925    

Stacy Koch (Narrin)

Thanks, Tommy!

02/17/10 04:23 PM #1926    

Joyce Nobles

i thought id drop by to see if anyone was still posting on here...........and it doesnt look so good.

i miss everyone..........we need to have a get together.......small reunion, big reunion, something. its time i think.

hope everyone is doing well.

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