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Welcome to the site we will be using to coordinate the 30th reunion of our 1988 MBA Class. Whilst it may seem as though we’re getting going very early, we know time will race by and we’d rather have time on our side in trying to track down as many of our Classmates as we possibly can. We'd therefore like to encourage you to contribute everything you can to make this a truly memorable occasion.

There are a number of ways that you can assist us:

       By completing your profile and letting us know what you've been doing since finishing your MBA

       By helping us trace classmates for whom we have no contact details, and by getting in touch with Classmates you know who appear in "Missing Classmates" in order to encourage them to register as you have done.

       By posting as many relevant photos as you can that relate to the MBA or your classmates

       By sharing amusing stories of some of the things you or others got up to whilst at the GSB

       By providing contact details for any of our lecturers that you'd like to be invited to the reunion - or who you'd like to see as guest members on our website

       By sharing any memories you may have of classmates that are now deceased, or providing details of other classmates we need to add to the "In Memory" section.

Our vision for the reunion is to provide a series of fun events that will give you an opportunity to connect with your mates (and possibly their families). Our goal in connecting, apart from catching up after all these years, will be to encourage and affirm one another - and to support and help each other. We will gauge the success of this project by the level of acceptance and support that is generated when we get together.

We are merely co-ordinating the project. Our success will depend very much on your response to the challenge of getting involved. Together let's make this a profoundly significant 'trip down memory lane'.

Browse through "CATCHING UP" to see photos and videos of some of the interactions between Classmates. Please email any photos or videos you have of such interactions (together with a caption describing the event) to cedric@cornerstonecouriers.co.za so that they can be posted there. View the latest arrangements for our reunion on the "Reunion Details" tab on the top of the left hand menu.


•   Paul Anley  9/7
•   Jessica Mitchell  7/7
•   Cedric Parker  5/6
•   Bruce MacDonald (Lecturer)  17/5
•   Steve Japp  8/5
•   Paul Boynton  20/4
•   Michael ten Hope  20/4
•   Michael Schroder  19/4
•   Chris Taylor  19/4
•   Linda Fasham (Alumni Legend)  18/4
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Who lives where - click links below to find out.

1 lives in Hawaii (USA)
4 live in Eastern Cape
8 live in Gauteng
5 live in KwaZulu-Natal
9 live in Western Cape
1 lives in USA
3 live in Australia
1 lives in Switzerland
5 live in United Kingdom
1 lives in Zimbabwe
19 location unknown


Know the email address of a missing Classmate? Click here to contact them!