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Residing In: Black Diamond, WA USA
Spouse/Partner: Not Ever Doing That Again
Occupation: Aviation Safety Inspector; SEA AEG
Children: NONE, Born Never

If I put it all out for public knowledge I'd get fired or harassed beyond my desires. But, here goes the highlights (and I dont think I tell about the ice water on the crotch during SERE so will skip forward to after Jun 75) - Graduated with a BS in CE (and boy does that BS ability come in handy!). Married a lady Id met First Class year that sold FIATs in COS (I had a Pontiac Firebird and that didnt really set right with her, but she actually went to PHX before I did just to make sure I didnt get too far away). Only took about two and a half years of marriage to realize Id married the woman that gave the author of Dynasty the perfect example of an x-wife (Alexis?). Grad of UPT from Williams AFB, Jan 76 (don't know my class number - wasn't going to get me a cup of coffee anyway) and off to Mather to fly the T-43 (1st divorce happened here as well as flying to/from Hawaii and Bermuda an many an ocassion). As for the T-43? Southwest shoe-in? Not, but that was the alligator mouth over running the hummingbird's ass problem. I departed the USAF fix in Dec 1981 and tried throughout 1982 to find an airline career; unemployment sucked, especially since that year separated military personnel were not entitled to unemployment benefits (gotta love that Reagan dude). Finally landed a job in Jan 1983 with a commercial property management company (at this time I was with my second wife  still no kids WHAHOO!) Spent 10 months as a handyman, repairman, HVAC man, etc. when my application to the FAA came through and I went to work as an Air Traffic Controllers Assistant  GS-7 Deadend Job unless one passes the ATC test and then its off to controller school  NOT (but I did pass the test)! Couldnt talk that fast and had no interest in video games. So, I went and investigated the potential of joining the ranks of Inspector. Transferred to the OAK FSDO in July 1984, divorced my second wife in 1990 and transferred to SEA in 1991. Ive worn many a hat since joining the Aviation Safety Inspector career and have thoroughly enjoyed every one. Ive worked and associated with the best in civil aviation. Now, Im really fortunate to be in a semi-flight test type position, write documents used by US operators and all over the world by foreign authorities as well as the airlines for operations. In a nutshell  ITS BEEN A GREAT TIME SINCE 71.

School Story:

Other than being told on my first night at the Prep School that I had to shave below my neck line into my the upper part of my chest? Well, there was my 21st birthday where Gus and the boys shaved it entirely. T-shirts felt REALLY wierd for the next week.

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Gus and I were best of friends at the Prep School. He introduced me to a family in Aurora that became somewhat of an extended family of my own. He and I had many good times together both on and off campus. He was a Crew Chief on the SR-71. I saw him after his unfortunate dismissal from the Academy at Beale AFB during our Third Class summer. The training program officially called Air Crews (introduction to T-29 and Navigation training) [unofficially known as Booze Cruise but much more discriptive of the after flight time hours] landed at Beale for a tour of the SR-71 and a BS session with the pilots. Gus was working that day and I received a very indepth orientation to the SR. That was the last time I saw him and was heart broke when I'd heard of his passing, unfortunatelly that was a couple of years afterwards and I never was able to pay my respects. Please consider this posting a testimony to my respect for Gus and a thanks for all the good times I shared with him.

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