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•   Greg Moser (1983)  8/9
•   Troy D. Cude (1982)  5/27
•   Timothy Richard Clark (1983)  5/26
•   Keith Larsen (1984)  4/7
•   Michael Shelton (Shelton) (1983)  2/16
•   Stephen N. Oliverson (1982)  10/2
•   Lanette Wright (Ellsworth) (1984)  10/1
•   Richard O. Scott (1981)  9/30
•   Esther Case (Morrow) (Clegg) (1982)  9/9
•   David W. Larson (1982)  9/8
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Percentage of Joined Missionaries: 38.2%

A:   139   Joined
B:   225   Not Joined


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1 lives in Alabama (USA)
6 live in Arizona (USA)
1 lives in Arkansas (USA)
1 lives in Armed Forces Europe (USA)
17 live in California (USA)
1 lives in Colorado (USA)
1 lives in Connecticut (USA)
1 lives in Delaware (USA)
2 live in Hawaii (USA)
6 live in Idaho (USA)
3 live in Illinois (USA)
1 lives in Kentucky (USA)
2 live in Michigan (USA)
1 lives in Missouri (USA)
2 live in Montana (USA)
1 lives in Nevada (USA)
1 lives in New Mexico (USA)
1 lives in North Carolina (USA)
5 live in Oregon (USA)
2 live in Pennsylvania (USA)
1 lives in Texas (USA)
69 live in Utah (USA)
9 live in Washington (USA)
1 lives in West Virginia (USA)
2 live in Wyoming (USA)
1 lives in Alberta (Canada)
132 live in USA
1 lives in Canada
3 live in Korea
1 lives in Philippines
215 location unknown


60th Anniversary Celebration of Missionaries in Korea

When: Friday September 30, 2016, 5:00-9:00 pm
Where: UVU Events Center, 800 W University Pkwy, Orem, UT (Location changed)
What: Mini-reunions with 53 Korean Mission Presidents at individual stations
Skyping with companions in Korea
Cupbop Korean Cuisine for purchase
Utah Korean Saints Cultural Presentation
Church History Department Display
Reports and inspiration from Korean Priesthood Leaders

Why: Five complete cycles of the Korean twelve year zodiac is HwanGap, a celebration in the 60th year. Last year, 2015, the Korean Saints celebrated the 60th year of the land of Korea being dedicated for Gospel preaching by President Joseph Fielding Smith in August of 1955. This year, 2016, in America we Korean returned missionaries will celebrate the 60th anniversary of missionaries first entering Korea in April of 1956.

REMINDER: No mission reunion in April.

UPDATED: The survey results are in.... The next mission reunion will be SEPTEMBER 30, 2016

Dear missionaries,

   Plans are moving forward for the all Korea missions reunion next year.  It is planned that the 60th anniversary commemoration of missionary work in Korea to be held 30 September 2016 (next year) in the UVU Events Center ( 800 W University Pkwy, Orem, UT) with all Korea missionaries and mission presidents invited (They expect over 5000 people).  More information will be given as the event gets closer.

    We need to know as soon as possible whether or not you plan to attend in order to determine if we will need to request additional seating for the event.  If there is a chance you may be able to attend, please let us know.  We know things can change between now and then, and if they do, please keep us updated.  Whether you can, or you cannot attend, either way let us know.

      Of course, our mission overlaps with missionaries from the President Clement and President Lee eras.  You will likely be contacted by someone representing them.  If you have already responded to one of them, please let us know so that there will not be a duplication in numbers.  Likewise, let them know if you have already responded to us. 

Below are some questions we would like you to answer:

1.       How many would be interested in attending this event and if their spouse will also be attending? Ed Brown would like to get the count from our mission by the 20th of September (just a month from now). Our missionaries who also served under either President Clement or President Lee should indicate if they have been counted in response to communication from those presidents (we want to avoid double counting)?

2.       How many would be interested in having our own Korea Seoul/Seoul West Mission Reunion on Fri 2 Oct 2015? With that choice we would not have a reunion in April 2016, but still have a reunion on 30 Sep 2016).

3.       How many would like to have our Korea Seoul/Seoul West mission reunion Fri 1 April 2016? With that choice we would not have a reunion in October 2015, but still have a reunion on 30 Sep 2016.

4.       How many would prefer to have no reunion until the big combined reunion on 30 Sep 2016? With that choice each individual mission that comes to the South Towne Exposition Center will be given space to have their own reunion as well as the combined commemoration of sixty years of missionary work in Korea.

5.       Would you ask the missionaries to respond if they would be willing to help as part of a committee to plan our part in the 30 Sep 2016 event.

I very much want to support what our missionaries want to do in relation to these options. Best wishes always,

President Butler and President Clement

You must be logged in to submit this survey. Please use the login box in the upper right corner.

1)   How many would be interested in attending this event and will your spouse/guest also be attending? Whether you can, or you cannot attend, either way let us know.

Select "1" for yourself only and "2" if you will be bringing a spouse/guest.
(only answer if you have not been contacted by another mission president).
2)   I have been contacted by another mission president and told them this count of guests:

3)   * When should we have our next Korea Seoul/Seoul West Mission Reunion?

Usually we have reunions in April, but since President Butler injured his leg, it was to be postponed until October 2015. Whatever is selected, we will still be having a reunion on 30 September 2016 with the "60th anniversary commemoration of missionary work in Korea" event.
4)   * I would be willing to help as part of a committee to plan our part in the 30 Sep 2016 event.

Yes No
Volunteers are needed.
5)   Do you have ideas/suggestions about what our mission should do to celebrate our mission at the "60th anniversary commemoration of missionary work in Korea" event?

slide shows, videos, Korean dance, Korean Music, special speakers, etc.
The APRIL 2015 Mission reunion was postponed until October because President Butler and President Clement couldn't make it in April.

This is a good video and has a good message

The Restoration

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Welcome to the Korea Seoul/Seoul West Mission Reunion for Presidents Clement & Butler (1979 - 1985) web site.

To join the website, click on Missionary Profiles and find your name.  Then click the JOIN NOW link.

If your name is not listed, use CONTACT US to have your name added.  I have been working from the President Butler's Mission Transfer list, so I don't have all of the missionary names (I don't have a lot from President Clement's service unless they went home during President Butler's service).  If you still have contact with other former missionaries, please use the SEND INVITE button to let them know about this website.

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