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YEARBOOKS!  Do you have an old yearbook from Troy High that you'd be willing to share with your classmates?  As an alumni group, it would be very helpful to us to have a copy.  Also, we receive many questions from classmates who are looking to replace lost yearbooks, so if you have one please let us know (click on Contact Us, on the left).


  Class of 55 


To the class of 56:  I recently received this email:  

I found a "troy high school" class ring from 1956 with the initials LOA inscribed in it. I can't remember where it came from. I used to live in Valley Falls and went to Catholic High and Hoosic Valley Central High school in Schaghticoke, NY. Can you help me identify the original owner so I can return it to them?

If you know of anyone who this might apply to, please send me a note by clicking on "Contact Us" on the left.

   Class of 57  



  Class of 58 


  Class of 59



To view photos the Joint 60's Reunion, click on icon above

 Class of 60


   Class of 61 


    Class of 62 


 Class of 63



  Class of 64


  Class of 65


To see more about Troy High's Greatest Basketball Team, including legends, Clem Zotto, Rosey Phillips, Luther Rackley, Jerry Guter, Perry Ashley, Hubert Terry and Bobby Wood, click on: 1965


 Class of 66


 Class of 67


  Class of 68


 CLASS OF '69 40th REUNION was held in 2009--to see reunion photos, click:

'69 40th Reunion


The Class of '70 held their 40th reunion in  2010--to see photos from the event, find Bob Smith or Jill Cohen on Facebook.


  CLASS OF '72




Class of 75

This class has not been set up yet--please look on Facebook for information concerning upcoming reunions


 Class of 80



  Troy City School District




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Alumni Representatives: (if you don't see a name for your class, please volunteer to help out)

1955 - Edward Robinson -

1957 - Mike Dwyer - 
            Diana Malkonian -
            Ann Monaco -

1958 - Trent Cox --

1959 - Ralph Passonno -

1960 - Ronnye (Berg) Shamam -

1961 - Rod (Harry) Rodman -

1962 - Ken Mandelbaum -

1963 - Betsy (Mitchell) Savery -    

1964 - Linda (Chesman) Byard - or

1965 - Guy Almy - g

1966 - Howard Mitchell--click on the class web site to contact him

1967 - Dawn Essegian Lajeunesse--click on the class web site to contact              

1968 - Jim Spain - click on the class web site to contact him

1969 - Ray Clemente - 

1970 - Bob Smith -

1971 - Steve Mahdesian -

1972 - Theresa Crisp -

1973 - Leslie Waugh -

1975 - Bob Keyes -  and/or
          Kathy Chevalier -

1976 - Lori Houghtaling Schermerhorn -

1978 - Kelly Grady-Moscatiello -

1979 - Davetta Montgomery Thacher -

1980 - Charlotte Sevazlian -

1981 - Candy Marrero -

1983 - Jude Brearton Mulvey -

1984 - Sue Yaddow Agan -

1985 - Katherine Collins -

1987 - Mary Laquidara -

1988 - Jim "Paco" McCarthy Jr. -

1989 - Carrie Adams O'Connell -

1990 - Mike "Mex" Carey -

1991 - Adrienne Kerwin - 

1994 - Tara Kelly -

1998 - Yara Castillo - 

1999 - Shari Covington -